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My first Universal visit is in a few days. I’m a seasoned WDW traveler. At Disney I usually carry a backpack and just take it on ride or have items sent back to my on-site hotel. However, I’m not staying on property during this Universal trip. I have seen you can do package pick-up, but you have to go get it one hour before closing. (True?)

From what I’ve been reading, you have to store everything any time you want to go on a ride and the lockers are pretty small. The only large all-day lockers appear to be a the front of the park. I don’t want to have to go back & forth.

I don’t mind forgoing my traditional backpack for “Dad” cargo shorts to hold sunscreen & necessities, but what am I to do with my souvenirs? I also went ahead and bought the dining plan with refillable Coke mug for all 3 of us going. Is that going to fit in the small lockers, especially with other goodies?

I understand and agree with the policy. People lose & drop things on rides all day. I just wish there were more all day lockers, especially near the Wizarding World area.

All / any advice and tips are GREATLY appreciated!!

We were just there at the end of March, and the new smaller lockers that have replaced the old ones are kind of a pain. They are very short, so you will have to lay your mugs on their side, so make sure they are empty. All of the locker areas have larger ones as well as the small for a fee (and it appears the ones in the Mummy locker area are good for the entire day). This isn’t that far from Diagon Alley. I had a really hard time with my backpack and the size of the lockers, my kids did better with their string backpacks. I eventually gave in and paid for the larger $2 lockers, it was just easier and not that expensive. You will be able to get 3 of the free lockers each time, just remember to keep your ticket out as that is what is used now, instead of the fingerprint for most of them. We had a wonderful trip, hope you do as well.

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I was able to fit a backpack in the small locker last week, but it was not even half full. The day before we fit a crossbody small bag, a waist pack, three hats, two pairs of sunglasses, and a bag with a tshirt in it. They are very deep.

You need lockers for most of the “thrill” rides, including (weirdly) Men In Black, which is just Buzz Lightyear. You can bring stuff on the gentler rides like ET, Simpsons, Dr. Seuss rides, etc.

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Lessons learned on my last trip in January staying off site and only had an eticket on my app, I needed to find an attendant to get me locker.

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Seems like it may just cut down on the amount of souvenirs I buy. I tend to make time in all my TPs to include an hour + for shopping at the end of each night, However, if I know I may not be back in a particular “land”, like Simpsons / Springfield, because I’m on the other side of the park I usually grab something and put it in my bag. I guess no Moe’s Tavern / Duff mugs for me this time. =/
(I really wanted to bring home a bottle of Duff for my shelf - even if it was empty)

I don’t hate paying for the large locker. It just didn’t look like they were plentiful.

(I’m planning on bringing gallon size Ziplock bags to put the Coke mug straws in so I can lay the mugs on their side while it’s all in the lockers.)

Thanks for letting me know about keeping the tickets out. I wasn’t aware. I have an old Disney lanyard with pouch to carry tickets / photo pass and etc… before MagicBands did it all. I’ll bring it out of retirement.

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Just got back. What I learned is, if you are like me, and need to carry a “normal / school - sized” backpack into the park just plan on adding a $20 / day locker rental fee into your budget. The small lockers are nothing more than small, but really deep, rectangular “slots”. They can hold wallets, phones and wands, but nothing of real size.

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Could it hold this:

(It’s a wash bag I’m using as a day bag.)

I’ll be at Universal this coming week. My plan is to use a draw string backpack/cinch sack to carry my items as I know that it should fit in the free lockers. I still think given how many of the freestyle mugs they sell and advertise they should rotate the lockers by 90 degrees so you can put the mugs upright in them rather than having them on their side. They do fit, you just can’t have anything in them!

Probably… especially if you can squish it in without worrying about damaging anything. According to TP the dimensions are approx. 9.5” wide x 11.5” high x 17” deep


Agreed about the Freestyle cups. The lockers at Forbidden Journey are the only free ones where they could be stored vertically. Ironically, The Wizarding World has zero Freestyle machines to fill those cups. If you want to fill your Freestyle cup there it’s $1.50 and they only have Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite and maybe one other that I can’t remember.

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