Back to the World! (This Time Without a Broken Leg)

Congratulations to her. Love the graduation ear photos! She looks rightly proud :woman_student:t2:




Congrats! I noticed the grad cap ears and kept meaning to ask


I just un-hearted this post so I could heart it again.
More great photos! :slight_smile:


Day 8 - Change of Plans

So, after staying at EPCOT for Harmonious on Thursday night, we all went to bed with the intention of rope-dropping DHS on Friday morning, just to hit up our favorites one more time.

I woke up and got up about 6… the plan was to leave by 6:50-6:55 to be at DHS by about 7:15 and get to the tapstiles by 7:20 or 7:25.

Well, DW, rolled over and moaned in disbelief that I was up already. And there was no sign of life from the girls. Now, this next part is real growth on my part from just a few years ago. Every once in a while, you gotta toss the plan out the door for the sake of the best interests of the family, so… that’s what I did. I let DW fall back asleep, didn’t even try to wake the girls, and made a second pot of coffee.

I cancelled our Park Reservation for DHS, and made one for MK instead. The girls slept until about 9, DW got up about 8:30. Although I had made a G+ for RnRC, I cancelled that and began stacking MK G+ reservations for an afternoon arrival. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the cabin, and went to the pool for a morning swim. The girls loved it, DW and I took the opportunity to do a load of laundry and played cribbage.

Again, Friday was to be VERY hot. It was clear, very few clouds in the sky and was going to be in the mid-upper 90s by early afternoon with heat index well over 100. After the swim, we went back to the cabin, made lunch, and relaxed for a couple hours reading, and letting the heat of the day go by. It was glorious!!!

We got ready and headed for the boat docks at FW about 3.

The boat deposited us at the MK right around 3:30. We then proceeded to have a fabulous evening at MK. It was hot, but we started by enjoying a performance by the Dapper Dans, followed by a spin around the Tomorrowland Speedway. I loathe that ride, but the girls insisted, so we did it. We then rode Dumbo, and stopped over for a Lefou’s Brew.

The rest of the evening was glorious. We snacked when we wanted to, ate a crappy burger at Cosmic Rays, and rode all the things we wanted - and those we could LL.

In no particular order, we had fun on: Pirates, 7DMT, Splash, Big THunder (twice), Space Mountain, Under the Sea, HM, Tea Cups, the girls rode the Barnstormer, Country Bears, we watched the fireworks from the top of Splash Mountain, and we listened to the pianist outside Casey’s.

We picked up dessert at the Confectionary and we walked out of the MK just after 10:30 with a perfect “last bite” as my DW would say at the MK for this trip. It was so much fun! We fell exhausted into bed looking forward to our last park day!!!


Sounds like an epic day! Good of you dad to take care of your girls and let them sleep while still planningan awesome day.


Day 9 - Last Day

And we come to our last park day. Today (6/18/22) was to be VERY hot… there was a heat advisory warning of possible heat index of 111 this afternoon. In addition, today was the first day all week with a good chance of prolonged thunderstorms, so we decided to head to EPCOT just for some final, low wait experiences, and one final ride on GotG.

Right at 7 I got BG1 for GotG, and went back to sleep. I didn’t buy G+ today, because, frankly, I didn’t think we would need it.

We got up about 8, ate breakfast, and got ready for the day. We arrived at EPCOT and got through the tapstiles and into the park by about 10:45. The plan for today was to minimize walking by avoiding any unnecessary backtracking and to be finished before the rain came.

So, we went to the right and enjoyed the Seas with Nemo and spent some time in the aquarium. We have a outstanding aquarium in Atlanta, but the Seas is so well done, and very much worth a half an hour looking at the exhibits.

We then rotated down to the Land pavilion and rode Soarin’ standby in B1 . . about a 20 minute wait. We then went to Journey into the Imagination, and the Disney/Pixar Short story event. We also met Mickey!!!

We finished our Flower and Garden “scavenger hunt” together and went right into WS (gasp) to Canada so I could watch Canada Far and Wide, and the girls could do some pin trading. We were starting to backtrack to Mexico for the boat ride when DW looked at the sky and determined that we should head to GotG and get out as the sky started to look ominous.

So, that’s what we did. We stopped in at Creations shop to get our scavenger prize and to pick up a couple things, and tapped in for GotG (as a data point, our BG1 was called at 8:15 AM, we tapped in just a few minutes after 2 PM and got the flashing blue light… the guy waived us through with no problems).

We had a great last experience on GotG and made it to the car just as the rain started.

We came back to our cabin, and unpacked our park bags, showered and headed to the Poly for dinner at Ohana. It was fine, but not great. Probably a skip for a while. But we enjoyed strolling around with a fun drink, and had fun laughing at dinner.

After dinner, we hopped the monorail and got off to look at the GF. We hopped on the boat at the GF to go back to Poly to pick up the car and head back to FW. DD9 wanted to go back to the campfire/movie, so we did that. Made the end of our Smores, and watched Red under a beautiful sky.

It was a PERFECT way to end this trip.

Tomorrow is travel day. Brunch at Homecomin’ and then back on the road to go home.

We are exhausted, but happy. And, this is just the beginning of our Year of Disney adventures. We will be back several more times this year while we have the APs…


Fabulous photos. Your girls do great pictures. I’m lucky to get my kids to smile at the same time :woman_facepalming:t4::rofl:

You all look like you’re having a super time.


What a great trip!


So glad the trip went well and I enjoyed reading your report. Can’t wait to follow along on the next adventures!


Thanks so much for the great trip report! Was a really fun read and you all really made the most of everything. :slight_smile:

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Enjoyed not setting an early alarm for the first time today all week.

After eating at Ohana last night, we just didn’t have the stomach for a big brunch, so Homecomin’ will have to wait for a future trip.

Got up, enjoyed our last couple hours at the cabin, hit up Disney Springs for an everglazed donut and then hit the road back to Atlanta.

Hopefully traffic won’t be too bad, and we should be home by 7…

I will have some final thoughts on this trip at some point tonight or in the next couple days.

Thanks to everyone for following along and making my trip report so much fun!


This is amazing to me. I am SO not there yet. Sounds like it was a good call for y’all, though.


I like this word.

Planning shenanigans


Safe journey home! Thank you for sharing your trip with us.


This makes me so sad but it’s understandable! And you have an excuse to hurry back soon!

Thanks for sharing your trip with us!


Totally a typo, but I can get on board with that!


Safe travels @gamusicman.
Thanks for taking us along on your trip. It looked fab!


Ran into a little bit of traffic on the Turnpike, so didn’t get home until 7:45, but home, unpacked, everything is put away and ready for our next adventure, which is not too far away!


That’s still not bad. Glad you’re home safely.