Avoiding princesses at CRT

OK, so I know this is slightly weird but I’m really not all that interested in interacting with the princesses at CRT. Is there a discrete way to signal this? I thought I read somewhere they can attach a balloon to your chair which lets them know not to stop at your table.

Why go at all? Well it’s Cindarella Castle! And the food will be OK. I don’t want to do BOG again.

I’m sure at any TS all you need to do is let your server know you don’t want any interaction. Parents do this all the time with little ones who may be scared of characters.

If this doesn’t work, then maybe a shake of the head and a quite “no thanks” to the princess as they approach your table.


I thought maybe “Please don’t let me keep you from more important guests” as they approach.

Snow White graciously ignored me at AP when I had dinner there. I guess she assumed a solo male adult wouldn’t be interested.

At H&V a Disney Junior character made a “do you want to interact” gesture as he approached. I think I smiled and gestured him to move on.

I’m all about the Fab Five.

And Flynn Rider, obviously. I’m getting me some of this action. Oh yes.


It was just thinking, I wonder what Matt would do if it were a prince dinner instead. Lol…


I think that’s. Great thing to say! Also tell the server, I’m sure you are not the first.


Somebody needs to tell Disney about @TheProphetPaul s idea of a Prince meal. What a great special event. We could have all of our favorite Disney “Princes”!


As suggested, just tell your attendant (server). They’ll inform the character chaperone. In the worst case, you can do as you mentioned and just do a a polite nod / wave-off. CRT is my favorite place for breakfast. I really love the food there. They don’t tell you directly, but since it’s a fixed menu you can ask to try multiple entrees. I just always say… It’s so hard to decide I like “A” & “B” and then they bring both! :wink:

I genuinely liked CRT breakfast. I was there with my 10-year-old niece to distract the princesses, but yes the dining room is fun and the breakfast was good.

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Why isn’t there one? Semi-serious question.


Because the world is sad and we can’t have anything nice.


while waiting for my car to be serviced this morning, I actually was thinking how a Prince character meal would be pretty cool.

I imagine it hasn’t been done yet because simply all the princes are usually secondary characters.

(EDIT: Wasn’t the original “CRT” a prince/princess character meal? Did the Princes not test well with the audiences and why they changed up to all Princesses?)


Because the little girls want to be the princesses but the little boys don’t give 2 hoots about being the princes. The demand isn’t there.


I would totally go to that!


But little girls want to marry princes. And to do that you have to meet them.


I’m not sure the little girls are that bothered. And let’s face it, there’s really only Flynn who’s worth getting bothered about.


And once an hour they could strip down to their Disney-bounding thongs and put on a dance show… :slight_smile:

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What, Aladdin doesn’t do it for you??


My DW and I got to meet Flynn and Eric (in addition to Rapunzel and Ariel) at breakfast at Trattoria al Forno in BW on our last trip. I have to admit, they were more believable as their characters than the princesses often are.


I think that both the girls and the boys want to meet the STARS of the movies. The princes are usually B-level characters that only show up for a few seconds. Flynn is most likely the exception. My son would give anything to meet Moana or Miguel or any Incredibles and he really likes Jasmine of “the princesses” but I don’t even think he could name a prince!


The facts — which I intend to make very clear to any little girls I come across at WDW — are these.

You can only become a princess by being born as one. Your parents have to be a king and queen, or the first son of a king and queen.

Marrying a prince will not make you a princess.

So unless the little girls are already princesses they can never become one.

As I said, I will be disabusing any young girls I see of any ridiculous fantasy they may have of becoming a princess. You don’t become one, you are born one. End of.