Available BLT studio lake view Sep 27-Oct 2

As much as I hate missing the anniversary, I won’t be able to travel to WDW now. PM if you’re interested, thanks!

Not sure if you still have this but if you do and want to list it with DVC Rental Store there is a similar listing that is getting roughly $25/point at this time.

Oh wow! That’s a lot higher than I was going to rent mine for, I’ll wait through the weekend here, and then I’ll check that out

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I believe that is an “Anniversary premium”. I do think I’ve seen other post recently about extra-high pricing lately.

here is the conversation:

But that isn’t how much The Rental Store is paying per point, is it? Just how much they are selling for. I think the amount they pay you is still the normal amount?

Not sure what they are paying. That’s a good point.

I’m not seeing anything on their site indicating a higher payout, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask

Well if not, perhaps adjust your listing accordingly, taking into account that you would give some of that over to the broker and if you go private you can keep all the money.