Aulani bound... anyone else going soon or been? Tips and important details due to, you know, covid ;)

Interesting. I guess we were on the male side. I had no idea. The coffee bar wasn’t open when we were there. :cry:

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The line is crazy at 0600 too :laughing:

Stop by the DVC desk for a GREAT map ! There are a bunch of DVC desks next to checkin at lobby image|375x500


Aulani beach, facing the ocean o the right is 4 seasons area… hardly used.

Center is Aulani chairs.

And left side with no chairs is public access and rarely used


As they come in they blow a horn that sounds like a conch shell :shell:


New state policy went into effect yesterday 9/13 @lady1955. You have to show proof of vaccination or a neg c-19 test w/in last ?? Hrs?? At checkin they are putting black wrist bands on ppl so they can order food at resort. You have to show proof at every restaurant on the islands


Once again, glad I cancelled my trip. That would be super annoying.


Yes with your littles it would be a big hassle. I guess a reason to be glad to be leaving. Now if mousekeeping would stop knocking on our door every 30 min. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: how many times do I have to tell them noon check out ?!? :face_with_monocle:

Here’s the only source I’ve been able to find on the new requirement. Anyone seen something specific to Disney?

As part of a broad government push to bolster vaccination rates and address an ongoing surge in COVID infections, a long list of Oahu businesses and state facilities are now required to ask patrons for proof that they’re vaccinated or have recently tested negative for COVID.

The city’s Safe Access Oahu program went into effect Monday, putting in place the vaccine-or-test mandate for customers at restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters, attractions and other venues. Those showing proof of vaccination can bring their actual vaccine card, a photo of it, or use the state’s SMART Health Card app. You can also show proof of a negative COVID test taken within the last 48 hours.

Not sure which part of the new restrictions this exemption is applicable for:

Anyone under 12 is exempt because they can’t get vaccinated, as well as people making deliveries, or those who will be on a state property for less than 10 minutes.

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Had to search for this

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What you need to know about Hawaii’s second vaccine passport (

Hawaii puts caps on indoor and outdoor dining: Everything you need to know about visiting the islands now (


For those going soon or in the future I thought I’d sum up details about Aulani. Bear in mind these are my opinions and your experience might differ. I’m not going to post this in the TR.

Resort room comfort: We had a one bedroom villa, ocean view (comes w/ full kitchen, w/d unit).

-The kitchen was great, had a rice cooker, rice bowls, and chop sticks.

The kitchen is necessary if you want to have any nutritional food. There are no veggies at the resort eateries except for the dinner at the Makahiki ($62 per adult). The Ulu café has grab and go salads like you can get at a gas station. If you have any (health) dietary restrictions you’ll need a kitchen and to cook for yourself. The food at Aulani would be a nightmare for a diabetic… nothing to eat for you there. There are no diabetics in my household but I have friends dealing w/ it and it would be a horrible situation. I have a health condition that requires the restriction of carbs or I will suffer painful joint inflammation. I over indulged there which caused a flare up and I was in extreme pain the last few days of my trip. Needed a wheel chair at the airports.

-Food. There are several places to eat on property, but see note above about the lack of healthy choices. There are restaurants and a market across the street from Aulani. Aulani is in a resort complex shared w/ Four Seasons and Marriot. (see note in Kitchen above). We bought groceries from the military commissary but there is a market across the street from Aulani and a small and limited DVC grocery in the gift shop. Aulani food is traditional over priced Disney food. Currently all food is for resort guests only (due to pandemic) and the beach snack place only accepts room charges. Our grocery shop bill was equal to the cost of one meal at Off the Hook (dinner for 3 w/ 2 adult beverages). I’m not a skinflint, but I hate paying $$$$$ for meh food.

-furniture: Sofa’s, chairs are really uncomfortable to sit in for any length of time (thin cushions).

My guys said the furniture was more comfortable at OKW. The banquette was comfortable and the balcony chairs were good. The bed was comfy but the pillows sucked. We will be brining our own pillows next time (what a waste of luggage space. vacuum seal necessary :wink: ) . Again, this is US and may not be YOU :wink: We didn’t open the pull out sofa sleeper my DS-19 used the murphy the whole time, but he said our bed was better. He didn’t want to deal w/ the squeaking that comes w/ sofa sleepers.

-pools: Lots of different ways to swim and play in the water there. 2 slides, 6 (?) pools, 3 spa pools, lazy river, a lagoon, fish swim. You can see all the fish for free in the shared lagoon. We snorkeled daily. There are oodles of lounge chairs but only 10 tables w/ chairs to sit and eat. Ppl get out there early to ‘save’ a spot but monitors move your stuff after an hour. You need to get a daily pool band for the chairs and swim areas.

-Tech/TV: you can learn about Disney+ but you can’t sign into your account and watch it from your room. We called the tech help up after being unsuccessful at using our Roku from home. Disney has a new system preventing/blocking ppl using their own devices. Our work around: we bought a universal remote (for TV model) and in Roku settings you can select viewing from hotel/dorm and sign in there to access your accounts. Why do this… we had a teen ager and staying as long as we did we wanted to watch movies some nights.

-getting around: we rented a car for our stay and as DVC mbrs (using points) parked for free. We will always get a car b/c we wanted to do things around the island. If all you want to do is eat and swim you don’t need a car.

-special things to do: They have painting, crafts, Ukulele lessons, star gazing, etc. but you have to be inline at 0700 to sign up on the day of. YOu are not allowed to register early :frowning: And there were 30 ppl in line at 0700. DH said I only stand inline at WDW so we didn’t get to do anything extra. They have luaus, a spa… and excursions at a $$$$$$ cost. For example, $169 per person for general seating for the Luau.

-room location: We had an ocean view but also saw the pools. Room 1670. We also heard all the sound of the pool and the evening music from the bar/lounge (which was nice until you wanted to sleep). We will request a garden view next time to have quiet. The ocean view was marvelous but you can’t actually hear the ocean due to all the sounds from the pools/resort.

Aulani welcome: maybe it’s due to covid (definitely this) but as first time guests and celebrating an anniversary there was nothing to make our stay special. A real let down.

-housekeeping: due to covid they are not coming in daily and as DVC they only come in every 3-4 days for fresh towels, more shampoo. They picked up trash daily (it seemed).
-drinking water: Tap water was GREAT for drinking (unlike WDW tap water).


This is definitely a change since May. When we were there, we went on our first afternoon and signed up for several things over the next several days.

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Can one family member sign up
For the whole family or does each person need to be present to sign up?


IDK the answer to that, I assume one person can go down to sign up family.

I asked and was told no… I had to sign up each day on the day of… which considering how few ppl were there they could have done it differently.

Oh heck then I would have gone down and waited in the line without DH! :joy::joy::joy:


lol… I should have but IDKY I didn’t??? We were swimming/snorkling every morning first thing… I think it was around that same time.

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Bags are unpacked and put away. Dropped off car early for tomorrow servicing and DH was excited to activate

Tip: the ticket windows usually have shorter line than GS


Are you going to a park or just stopping by the ticket window?

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Unprepared for rain lol