August 7th is right around the corner

Yeah. Its disappointing that Disney doesn’t give good direction and communication in advance.

But, it really is not a big deal to most visitors though. But these crazy Touring Plans professesional planning people, sheesh…:laughing:

I think that vague language was on purpose because they had no idea what they would do. It’s possible they only made the final decision in the last week.


Honestly, I’m on here all the time and I forgot it was a temporary (supposedly) move for those rides from ILL to Genie+. It was this thread that reminded me, and then I had a minor panic. I think more people would have been shocked to have the rides moved out of Genie+, than to have them stay.


Wonder if my TPs for after 8/7 have auto updated to allow g+ return times for these rides now. Looking…

I think so. Checked my AK plan on the browser and EE is now listed as g+ instead of g+ ill. Good job TP!


Ugh, I hate this. I was happy to throw money to skip two lines per park.

Now thinking through if should park hop back and ride Guardians every day during my visit with ILL . . . .

Finally, an actual statement from Disney:

Earlier this year, we moved certain attractions from individual Lightning Lane purchase to the Disney Genie+ service for a period of time through Aug. 7. In order to continue providing Guests with more options while using the service, these attractions will be offered through the Disney Genie+ service beyond Aug. 7:



They do reserve the right to “change at any time without notice” but I will take it.


I agree. As much as I am happy to not have to pay more, my child is not the rope-dropping type and having the ability to purchase 2 ahead of time helped us have the ability to work around that, so I would prefer that as well.

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