August 7th is right around the corner

I’ve got a trip on August 20-25. I know that the rides that were formerly ILL like Remy and Expedition Everest were put into G+ until August 7. Well, August 7 is not too far away and there hasn’t been any mention of what is going to happen. Are they definitely going back to ILL? I hope not. I would imagine that would lower the amount of bandwidth of G+ and result in some upset customers, and none of those are the biggest attractions that need ILL.

On a totally unrelated note, I was telling my wife about the brawl by Peter Pan last week and that the guests got banned. She isn’t a WDW parks fan and hates that I want to go all the time, so she is hoping I’ll do something to get banned! I better be on my best behavior!


No updates at this time. Disney is notorious for not saying anything until they “have to” at a deadline. I wouldn’t be surprised to not get any news until August 6th!! :crazy_face:

My wife isn’t a “parks fan” either. I go to parks solo, usually, these days. We save a lot of money and I’m not “forcing or dragging” her around when she’d rather just be at home anyway! :rofl:


I don’t have any news about ILL either, but I will be watching like a hawk!

I figured that would happen. This article says fights are up since the pandemic. I wonder what that’s all about?

While fights at Disney parks are hardly new, incidents of mass violence have ticked up considerably since the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Florida resort reporting more than a half-dozen this year alone, according to reports.

Saw this too–it ended up being a fight instead of an active shooter.

I’m sure there are many reasons, but I believe part of it is the desperation people feel. There are so many bad things coming from so many sides, all of this death and despair. I think there are a lot who just feel hopeless. I also thought for awhile that stupidCOVID did something to people’s brains.

I have this fear of getting banned from Disney, even though I’m a big rule follower. I try to be on my best behavior :rofl:

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2 months ago I’d have given 2-1 odds they’d keep the former $ILL’s as G+ given the sorry state of G+ custsat at the time. Now, I’m less sure. I get a sense G+ availability has improved, but is it enough? I’ll give 3-2 they’ll keep them as G+ for now.


They released the G+ news on may 17 and it was effective May 31. That was 2 weeks. Aug 7 is less than 2 weeks away. Come on Disney!

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Sorry to hijack the topic, but I want to share something I feel is so important… I was one of these people. With all the stress of COVID, politics and social injustice that I was seeing all day online / media for nearly two years I snapped! I had a meltdown at work and later that week at a store. (Police were called. It was awful and totally avoidable!)

I’m saying all of this because that was when I decided to get help. I booked a therapy appointment that week. I always thought therapy was for “other” people…not me. I’ve been doing therapy for nearly a year. It has completely changed my life!! I’m not stressed at anything these days. When I get upset I now know how to handle it. Plus, it doesn’t fester and keep bothering me. I can deal with it and happily move on with my life.

I say all of this to say… if you area having issues like feeling sad / angry / nervous all the time, please, talk to someone! If you have issues about therapy, then talk to someone outside your friends / family who won’t “judge” you - like a someone at your place of worship or a school counselor. It’s really better to talk to someone that isn’t related / relevant to your problems like a family member or spouse might be.

The biggest help I’ve gotten from therapy, right away, was I got to unload all the invasive and negative thoughts I was having to someone who told me that those thoughts are normal. It’s how we react to them that is what I needed help with. I look forward to talking to my therapist now as I know it’s like losing 20 lbs of weight on my brain/soul!

Talking really helps!


Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share this.

And thanks to this community for making it a place where people feel they can share without issue.


Thanks for sharing, we appreciate it! I’m so glad Liners can open up to very personal things here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is a big part of why people are more on edge lately. Not so much what is happening, but that the (dishonest/misleading at times) news is a bigger part of daily lives now.

Combine it with some personalities and it’s not a good combination. Everyone should really limit their “news time” if at all possible.


@OBNurseNH @bebe80

I know we’ve never met, but I’ve been talking with y’all and so many others for at least 5+ years that I do consider all of you friends. I look forward to coming here everyday because of the great people I have met.

Not to hammer on too much, but in this last year I’ve gotten two promotions at my job because of my attitude change / therapy. Talking to someone not only made my family and friends enjoy being around me again and made me happier, but it made me $$$ too! It really changed my life!!

I completely stopped “doom scrolling” all day. I still know what’s going on in the world, but I don’t consume it like it’s a reality TV show anymore.


That’s really great to hear @darkmite2 :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank God for therapists and other health services readily available to us. And while we all have our complaints with things going on in the country, we are still very fortunate and blessed to live in America. We have much to be thankful for!


Thank you for sharing! You’re not alone. I hope your story can be an inspiration to others here.


One last thing… I promise…

Therapy is included with my health insurance. I have BlueCross BlueShield. I don’t pay a dime, not even a copay. I always assumed I was going to pay $100’s for each session. That was an excuse I had for not trying it as well as “I don’t need it… I’m fine!”

So, if the cost of going to therapy is something you are concerned about talk to your provider and see what your options are! You might be surprised. I was!!!


I totally agree with limiting news and social time. I only check news once or twice and week and it’s a quick glance at headlines. One of the reasons I’m on here so much (besides planning my trip) is to occupy myself with happy talk.


Thank you for sharing.


I have had the same thought recently, but I haven’t been able to figure out why it has changed. A few attractions being added to the G+ lineup? Less purchases of G+? More LLs being made available by Disney for each ride?

I’d say probably either or both of the latter 2 points you made.

I think people have become more entitled due to everything, too. People are going on trips that they may have postponed, and they think their experience is more important than anyone else’s. Any minor inconvenience or perceived injustice is going to set them off.

Edit: of course I replied to this before reading further, and I so appreciate your sharing and thoughtful comments @darkmite2 !


This is true. People are paying more and service has declined everywhere due to staffing shortages. I try to keep that in mind and am sympathetic especially at restaurants.


I wish we could get the news soon on this. Our trip starts on 8/13. I’m still building TPs! Hopefully I’ve planned to RD theses $LL’s disguised in Genie+ garb. Anybody have the list of attractions handy that this applies to?