Aug 8 honorary @Steve1 countdown thread

Good morning Liners and Lurkers and welcome to Friday! 50 days until OKW for me, what about you?

Good morning @justtimmy and other liners/forumers. TGIF. Got my suitcase out for my Indy trip. 5 days until we hit the road. Have a wonderful day.

Excuse me one moment while I finish polishing my dancing shoes…
Done. Let the single figure dance begin

9 Days to go :smiley:


77 more days! Ordered my MNSSHP tickets yesterday and got a pirates league appt on our party day for my boys!

Hi @JustTimmy and liner peeps, TGIF night … Red wine is flowing and the footy is about to start … The weekend is looking good. Have a great one everyone … 478 for me.


Good morning all. Heading to upstate NY to visit the parents and go to my cousins engagement party. Ill be back later in the week. Have fun.

Yay for single digits! Love the Dancing Mickey!

Red is my drink of choice as well, Cheers Tash, enjoy the match!

Safe travels @Just1, enjoy your family time!

9 Good morning @JustTimmy & everyone! @Pipster May I cut in on that single digit dance? :smiley:


Good morning neighbor (at least for the next 9 days :slight_smile: )

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Good morning, Liners! Is there a double-one dance? 11 to go! Happy Friday!

@TashToo, what is a “footy” that was about to start? (Or should I ask @pod4christ?) :footprints:


Enjoy those single digit dances @pipster & pod! 55 here. I’m just looking forward to getting into the forties soon. Happy Friday everyone!

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Mornin 36 days for me - that’s 860 hours the hours seem to go faster

29 days until BC for us! Should I get an email notifying me MBs have shipped, or do they just magically arrive one day?

47 for us and we are paid in full! Heading to Charleston on Tuesday and sailing to the Bahamas on Weds.!

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Leave tomorrow after dropping kiddos at Nanas! First time flying to WDW for me! Excited about POFQ too!


Good morning everyone! I actually slept last night! It’s so nice to wake up to this thread @JustTimmy. My countdown is 87 today. I really ought to explain Epcot FP options to my friends soon, so we will be ready to book FP at 60 days. I suspect the ones who haven’t been to WDW before might be thinking that they don’t want to do any attractions. They should at least try Spaceship Earth and Soarin’!

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Ooh I love it @WeHave2GoBack … footy is Australian slang for our national game Australian Rules Football … It’s quite different from American football. Here are a few photos :wink:


Still 332 to go for us till WL or POR, haven’t decided which one yet.