Aug 5 honorary @Steve1 countdown thread

53 days til I'm home at OKW! Good morning Liners and Lurkers! @Steve1, hopefully you are not a lurker for long and take over your morning countdown thread. I for one looked forward to it every morning, it started my day off right! @SallyEppcot, Thank you for starting it yesterday, hope you don't mind me starting one today smile


Good morning @justtim, thanks for the post, hope @steve1 is okay. Mornings aren't the same without the post. Few people awake now. In a week I go to Indianapolis. I should climb up to the attic for my suitcase. Have a magical day.

Good morning @JustTimmy! I'm so glad you started the countdown thread! It's 3 am and I shouldn't be up. Seeing @Steve1's countdown thread always helped pierce the darkness on sleepless early mornings. I can't tell you how nice it was to find this here. Thank you. My countdown is 90 this morning.

Good morning @SallyEppcot , (or good night?), you seem to have sleeping habits like mine (and like @pod4christ -yes, I know you're up neighbor) smile


Good morning @gabmom, hopefully @Steve1 is just taking some time to "stick his toes in the water" before diving in.

37 days to family POFQ trip and 269 days to Grown Ups Only at CBR. And 6 days to DS6's tonsil/adnoidectomy, which means 8 days off for mom!! Planning to finish up our last set of matching tshirts and MNSSHP costumes during that time. smile

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Good morning @JustTimmy @gabmom, @SallyEppcot & @MissiMouse - Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend for me, then Christmas. Happy planning everybody.

Morning all, nothing planned today. Leaving friday to visit my parents in upstate NY. Guess I should get going on that.

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Good morning @MeetMeAtThePoly smile

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Good morning @just1more, even though you have nothing planned for today, I hope today has lots of good things planned for you!

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Just 12 days to go! Good morning @JustTimmy, @MeetMeAtThePoly & everyone!!

Good Morning @JustTimmy and everyone else. No countdown in sight for me. frowning

Thank you @JustTimmy. Its only tuesday and the week has not started out good. It can only get better right? :0)

Jim Brown day for me. Greatest NFL running back ever to roam the earth

Morning gang---still catching up on sleep loss from last weekend, and counting down the 4 days until the upcoming one. Have a great day all!!!

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Good morning, all. 425 to go. Made a $200 dollar payment yesterday, which felt so good. Only $394 to go until the room is paid off. Goal is to have it taken care of by the end of the year. Then it's just park tickets, airfare and daily spending money (including food). I have no idea how you all manage to afford this for families!! Doing it as a single person is a challenge. You're probably better with money than I am. 😜

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Good morning liners!!!

Congrats on the upcoming trip @theredhead! I know that making that initial payment makes it feel real to me. smile

105 days until we arrive at YC!!

Good morning @JustTimmy and everyone! 14! Two weeks! Stayed up too late last night reading the MiL thread and then started making impulsive ADR changes in the middle of the night (tell me I'll love brekkie at the Wave??). I need those two weeks to go by already!

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Good morning Liner gang! My Hawaii day today! Ferrying DS 8 around today to lacrosse camp and swim lessons! Leaving on a non-Disney vacation a week from today! Summer needs to slow down a little!

Hey Snow how'd it going .....we have a big year ahead of us thanks to the DVC annual pass