Attraction Suggestions at USF

If needing to drop one attraction from USF, would you suggest The Bourne Stuntacular, Shrek, or Race Through NY? Would you then replace that attraction with RRR or Mummy? TIA

Shrek if you have older kids
Race thru NY if you have younger kids


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I would drop both Shrek and Race through NY. The Mummy and RRR are must do for me. The Mummy is one of my favorite rides.


Thank you both! Already riding RRR and Mummy the day before but trying to decide if we should re-ride either of these instead of seeing Bourne, Shrek or NY the following day. We have older kids so sounds like dropping Shrek is the way to go.

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Bourne is awesome, and I didn’t think I’d like it.

Ride through NY, I wouldn’t ride again if I was walking by and the sign said it was a walk-on. I rarely hate rides. … In fact, this is the only one. Of course, the Tonight Show has stunk since Leno left. If you watch the current show, maybe you’ll like it.

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I’m with @PrincipalTinker on this one.


Drop Shrek, add Mummy. RRR is kinda miserable IMHO

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Drop Shrek
Replace Mummy

Edit: Ride Mummy, MIB, Hulk and Hagrid as many times as possible. These are a few of my favorite things (in my Julie Andrews voice)


Do not drop Bourne!!! It’s amazing.

I’d drop Shrek, and ride Mummy again. I hated RRR - incredibly rough, and I don’t normally complain about roller coasters. I’m not sure I can think of another coaster I would never ride again other than RRR…even the ones people complain about at our local park are fine to me.

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Now that you say that, I couldn’t remember why I didn’t love RRR (because I usually love roller coasters) but that makes sense now.

Bourne is rated 4 1/2 stars and “do not miss” in the Unofficial Guide UOR 2021. It’s one of the best shows in Orlando, IMHO.


Agreed! We saw it in June - got lucky because it didn’t have official showings yet :slight_smile:

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Definitely skip Shrek. Also, DH also disliked RRR because he found it very uncomfortable. He only rode it once on our recent 5 day trip. He loved Hulk, and rode that several times.

Hulk tends to smash the back of my head at launch but RRR does not.

I am not a roller coaster fan nor is my wife so some of those you mentioned are out for us. Do not drop Race through NY. It is great!



I would drop both Shrek and Race Through New York and do Mummy and RRR instead. I don’t have the problems that people seem to have with RRR and I find the wait for Race Through New York to be better than the ride itself, which is pretty lackluster.


Agree here. I am always shocked when people complain about RRR. Love that ride. Well, except this last August. When they wouldn’t let me ride because of my insulin pump. Nevermind I have been on literally hundreds (thousands?) of coasters with my pump on. Including RRR. I was so mad. But I digress.

I completely agree!

How strange! What did they say?