Attraction Suggestions at USF

Never ride the Harry Potter ride after having eaten at Three Broomsticks and drinking a whole frozen Butterbeer. Came so close to brarffing on that ride I though surely they were going to have to stop and clean my vehicle up. :crazy_face:

In the past, nothing. But in August they said I can’t ride unless I put my pump in a zippered pocket. But doing that is a problem because the tubing could pull out that way, which means I would have to leave the park and take care of it. I demonstrated how my pump cannot come free from my belt…shaking and yanking it violently…but they didn’t care. I mentioned that I had worn my pump on this coaster at least a dozen times. No matter. I was holding up the entire line at this point so I just told my family to go ahead. As a result I didn’t get to ride.

The next day, I learned my lesson for Hulk. I put my pump in my zippered pocket for the metal detector area. Then, I pulled it back out and put it back on my belt for the ride itself. Next time, I will do the same for RRR.

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My boys ages 10-17 were not impressed with Bourne or Shrek, The best part of Race Through NY is the preshow. Younger kids probably won’t like the ride much unless they are fans of Jimmy Fallon. My kids love RRR where you pick your own music. Can even find codes for songs not listed if you look online ahead of time. Great ride but ROUGH. They liked the Mummy, too. We’d pick RRR and Mummy over the others for our age group.

. . . my 10 year old hounded us to ride RRR 5 times in 3 days. He loved it. My neck did not . . .

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