At what point do you give up?

I’ve been on hold to WDW for ninety minutes. When I called yesterday I got the message that wait times would exceed two hours, so I didn’t bother. But today it said they would exceed thirty minutes, which I naively took to mean “maybe 40”.

So, it’s been an hour and a half so far. Do I stay on hold until my phone’s battery has completely drained? Giving up now would make the last ninety minutes a waste of time. I’m so invested now.

By the way, this is terrible, terrible customer service. It’s only American companies that do it in my experience. COVID has challenged UK companies in this area, but they’ve come up with better ways of dealing with it. Like you can start up a text chat with them. That way it’s like an online chat with anyone. You send your message, you get on with your day. You get an alert when they’ve replied.

Actually, it’s been 1h42m.


What on earth is worth staying on hold that long?

If you’re wondering why I’m calling, it’s to attempt to book a dessert party. I’ve tried a dozen or more times online during the week, as well as in MDE. And every time I get this:

Every time.

Also, terrible, terrible customer service. Disney is a horrible company.


To be fair, I’ve been doing other stuff. I’ve just had their hold music on in the background. It’s all Disney tunes so it hasn’t been too awful.

I see they close at 1700 EST, so I imagine they’ll just cut me off in twenty minutes and that will be that.

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Maybe try calling some other number, playing dumb, and then getting transferred. I agree it’s terrible customer service and wait times are excessive. Sometimes they offer to hold your place in line and call back, but not always and not sure about UK calls. Is there not a chat now feature on the UK site? If not can you force the US site?

Looks like it’s working on the web – can you get into the U.S. site? Or maybe make @JuliaMc book it for you.

I typically use Chrome for everything online - expect MDE / WDW… The only browser that I’ve found to have the fewest issues working with Disney is Firefox.

WDW / DLR are the only bookmarks & history in my FireFox…lol!!


oh no… then the holding starts all over, you don’t get to cut inline on a transfer.

Yes, the hold times are horrible, they could try a call back system even, but making ppl wait for hours… I’ve done it. Once to cancel a ADR and then they said we’d be charged as a no show and DD replied, “To be fair we called 2 hours before our ADR time but we’ve been on hold this whole time” They still charged us but I called GS and explained and they reversed charges.


Even before Covid I experienced long hold times. The trick (for me) is to call when I’m doing something else like making dinner or doing housework. That way Im not focused on being on hold and tend to enjoy the hold music. Had to call before work to book the Christmas party a few weeks ago. That was nerve wracking because I knew once I made it to work I would likely have to disconnect. Lucky for me - in the 30 minutes I spent on hold the order finally went through online.

Agree it’s poor service to say the wait time is X and it ends up being grossly more than that. Y’all remember the week Disney+ launched? I held for three hours. :eyes:

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Haha. I’ve slapped a battery pack on it. Disney will blink before I do.


Can you maybe do me a favour that could save us all a lot of time.

Can you see if the dessert after party at MK on 25th October has availability for one person?

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The Disney Enchantment After party – yes there is. Any others to check?

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Thank you! And: yay. All I have to do is somehow book it. Disney — take my money.

It’s after 1700 EST and they haven’t cut me off. Maybe it’s like rides. If you’re in line at park close, you still ride. I must be close now. It’s been 2h25m.


No, it just redirects to the UK site. There was the option to switch to the EU site but it rumbled me pretty quickly and sent me back to the UK site. I’ve tried multiple browsers on both MacOS and iOS and iPadOS.

It goes weird, too, once you get Stitch. If you try anything else at all on the site it just gives you a plaintext webpage that says you are not authorised to access the site.

The worst hold music is UOR. They have like a 3 minute loop with minions and other annoying stuff. I was on hold with them for over 90 min.

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True story. I took my laptop with me to the Isle of Man in 2019 ahead of our Disney trip and used it to adjust some ADRs. For AT LEAST a year after no amount of deleting cookies could convince the website (via chrome) that I was not actually in the UK and there was no way to get back to the US page without using a totally different browser.

I’m not sure when it finally flipped back to normal.

(But also the last time I used an Uber I was in London, and I’m also still getting text messages for £10 off my next Uber eats. Technology gets confused easily, I guess🤷‍♀️)



I got through in just under three hours. But the connection was HORRIBLE. Both of us endlessly asking the other to repeat themselves and me panicking that the call would get dropped.

Before we got to the paying part he had to read out interminable terms and conditions and all the while I’m thinking “I don’t care, just take my credit card details before we get cut off”.

Reading out my credit card number took forever because I kept having to start again. And then the same with him giving me the confirmation number.


Anyhoo, it’s booked and in my MDE.


So was the phone call longer than the event you were booking? :thinking:


Haha — yes. About two to three times longer.

I remember years ago waiting in line for the Jurrasic Park ride at Universal Hollywood. I waited so long I could have watched the entire movie.