Artist Point

There have been a lot of rumors about Artist Point. My son just sent me a link to one of Len’s recent tweets


I love it!


I waited too late. Story of my life.


This would completely change our family’s plans. Snow White is DD’s favorite!

I’ve been reading about this also on Mouseowners and I feel like I have to agree with others there that Snow White is a bit of a stretch to the Wilderness Lodge theme. Also, she is one of the more “readily available” characters already. But I guess she must be popular then. I know the dwarfs would probably be the biggest hit, but I can’t imagine them having all 7 each day.

Although, honestly, you’ll have to color me clueless about Disney’s character “strategy.” I can’t really understand why they are usually so behind to capitalize on new movies and how some more arcane ones get so much park time.


Looks like it is confirmed:

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Awesome. Will check it out in December if it has started by then.

Well, there goes that plan.

I too now have a free night but I am sure I will quickly fill that hole!

It’s my own fault. I’ve wanted to stay at WL since I was a kid. Most of my life I couldn’t afford to think about it. Once I could, I kept putting it off because something else always fit our plans better. And given the logistics involved I never worked in a visit to AP. This year is our last Disney hoorah for a little while, so we decided we’d go out with a Christmas trip to WL. I was looking forward to tying up those loose ends. Strictly my fault, which doesn’t make it any less disappointing.


I was looking forward to returning to Artist Point but I was listening to a podcast review recently and I think they said there were only four tables of diners. I am sure this will do much more business and will be a very hard to get ADR. I hope the soup will still be available in the lounge!

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dwarfs and i read maleficent . She’d totally bring me in.

I have ADR for end of October and we are staying at WL. I saw they aren’t changing over until 'winter" but do you think will they close before then to make the change over? Think quality will be solid until then or should I switch my ADR?

It was scheduled to be closed in November. I actually think more people will book it in the next couple of weeks. I would keep the ADR.

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I’ve no doubt you’re right. There seem to be a lot more character fans than food tourists like myself. (And a hat tip to ‘em. I’m happy they’re happy.) At least I still have EPCOT.

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As of this afternoon you could make ADRs via MDE through November 10.

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No Maleficent. It’s the Evil Queen

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Does anyone have a reservation for after the refurbishment or have they not been released at all yet? I hope they load them soon if they haven’t, our ADR day is Sunday and we’d love to do this in March.

That’s what I was hoping to hear

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