Artist Point or CG for special dinner with kids?

I currently have dinner booked at CG. It’ll be the second night of our trip and our first chance to see fireworks which I thought would be fun for my kids (2, 4, 6 and 8). Getting nervous though that it may be too fancy for them and after seeing the reviews for the new character dinner at AP I’m second guessing myself.

WWYD with young kids?

Are you on the dining plan or paying out of pocket?

Out of pocket.

If you think the kids will last until the fireworks I think I would stick with CG. Honestly, it may end up costing less. I would not worry about bringing your children there.

Ok thanks. I appreciate the reassurance. I’ve been getting nervous about how appropriate the atmosphere is for kids for some reason. I think they should last. I believe fireworks start at 8.

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Children are welcome just about everywhere. There are a couple of signature restaurants that are quieter - CG is not one of those!

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Just to throw the whole thing into confusion, the character dinner at AP is lots of fun: I really enjoyed it. Kids would love it, I imagine.

With kids, AP

You think AP even though it most likely will cost more?

How will your 2 year old react to the evil queen?

I think so. For one I feel like CG is a more adult space. And secondly the characters are almost always a great choice with kids.


Maybe you are right. I got distracted by the cost and the Evil Queen in the middle of the restaurant!

Lol. Yeah. But character meals always cost a lot.

$33 per kids meal! CG is $11-18 plus dessert!

Ugh. Tough to swallow that.


Oh no! Now I’m all mixed up. @profmatt, your review is one that sent me to ponder AP instead. It looks so fun!

I am slightly deterred by the seeming added transportation hassle to get to AP. Lyft wouldn’t be an option for us as we need two car seats as well as two booster seats and from the reviews I’ve read I don’t know how wise it would be to count on two Minnie vans being available at the time we need. We are staying at the Poly and could just hop the resort monorail to CG.

From Poly you can boat to mk and then WL

They’re very different experiences. On my next trip I’m doing CG twice — one brunch, one dinner. One daytime view, one nighttime view. AP was great, but I won’t do it again for a while.

The first time I tried CG it was a disaster. We got a table that wasn’t even in the main room. It had a view of nothing. OK, we got to go outside to see the fireworks, but I was epically disappointed. And fireworks at a distance are, well, small and far away. It’s not the full HEA experience.

For kids it seems to me an easy call: AP. It’s a constantly fun, stimulating environment. Sure, kids go to CG, but it’s really designed for adults. In my view.

If you can get to CG from the Poly you can get to WL. Just add in a super fun boat ride.

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@PrincipalTinker they may be swaying me!! Although it is a big price difference (times 3!!). I’ve never been to WL and would love an excuse to check it out.

Do what will make you happy. You will not faint when you get the bill- you will expect it! Enjoy! (As long as the Evil Queen in the middle of the room will not terrify your two year old!)

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No availability on my date for AP. Res finder set. We’ll see what the fates decide. :slight_smile:

On a side note…booking dining at 180 days is hilariously unnecessary. I woke up SO early and two of my most difficult reservations (BOG dinner and potentially CG dinner during fireworks for 8 people) are being dropped before our trip.