Are there quiet places to take a phone call in the parks?

I know, it’s probably a ridiculous question. I’m in the job application process (what joy!) and am also going to be at the World in 11 days. While interviews are something that I can plan around and conduct in my hotel room, short follow-up calls or rejection/offer calls often aren’t scheduled and might pop up while I’m at the parks.

I’d rather not speak with a prospective employer with a ton of parks noise in the background for a few reasons. One, I wouldn’t want my decision to go to the parks during the pandemic to affect their evaluation of my application. Two, I don’t think it comes across as professional to have the natural (and beloved by us all!) noise of background music, loud families, etc. battling with my voice on the call.

So I suppose I’m looking for recommendations of places in any of the parks that I can poke my head into and take a brief phone call without it disturbing other guests and without the setting posing additional difficulties to me or a representative from this company / these companies.

Ideally, these would be places that I can walk to from elsewhere in the park within 10-15 minutes so that I’m not calling back with too much of a delay. I recognize that’s not always possible, but that would be ideal.

Thanks in advance, everyone!

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I don’t have suggestions for in the park, but I did face this on our last trip. I was actively interviewing. But I did let the companies I was interviewing with what days I would be on vacation. They were very understanding. They would leave a voicemail and I would call back as soon as I could.

I think they appreciate the heads up about being on vacation.


This was me when we went to Aulani (Hawaii)! I ducked back in the hotel room after swimming at the pool and just put a button-up shirt on with my swim trunks for the interviews. :joy:

As far as WDW, you’re going to have a hard time finding a place like that. The bathrooms will be the closest, but you’ll have to contend with flushing toilets (etc.). The only place I can think of that might works is the baby care stations. There is one in each park, I believe. There might be crying babies, I guess. But worth checking out? Anyone have experience with one of those?


Thanks! You’re right, probably not a bad idea to give them a heads-up when possible.

Replying to my own thread to posit that perhaps the “relaxation zones” are a good choice. It would also allow me to speak on the phone without a mask on, which might be good for clarity. I don’t know how noisy those get, however.


These are good recommendations! I think you’re right that the bathrooms might be tough, with flushing toilets and all, but the baby care stations are a great thought! If I see a baby approaching, I can always vacate the area.

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I almost think that walking out to the middle of the giant park parking lot might be decently quiet/undisturbed. If you have a rental car, that’s probably ideal, but even just out in the lot (not by the entrance or where they are actively parking new entrants) - should be pretty dead.


Oh that’s brilliant! We will be renting a car, but I’m not sure yet how heavily we’ll be relying on the buses. But I love the idea of just out amidst the rows of parked cars, that’s a great suggestion! Thank you!

Katsura Grill in Japan is an area I’ve scoped out for remote work. It’s up and away from everyone and everything. We often go for a respite from the park noise. They have many lovely places to sit


I am always “on call” while in the world. Although I have always been able to find a place away from most people, I have never been able to escape the background music. I don’t think I ever notice it as much as when work calls me.


I had to make a call last time I was in MK. I found a picnic table tucked behind the Christmas shoppe and LTT. It was a little pocket that was surprisingly quiet. It’s also quiet on the wooden path from Frontierland to liberty square right now with the water drained.


Wonderful! Thank you so much!

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Hah! That’s my fear–it would be hard to explain why I can’t turn down the bleeps and blips of the Tomorrowland loop!

Lovely suggestions, both! Thank you so much.

Oh… there are no outlets though. I’ve checked. There could be inside but I was avoiding sitting indoors

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Thanks! Hopefully my battery packs are enough to power through :slight_smile:

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My thought was the bus area. Midday it’s quiet. Didn’t think of the parking lot.

Also, the first aid areas are very quiet. And in park. Staffed by helpful folk.

If one of the quiet rooms was not being utilized, that might be your best option. There’d be an outlet as well.

My husband has taken a business call before on TSI. Unfortunately I believe it’ll still be closed for your trip. I’m thinking the playground near Splash would likely be pretty quiet right now. The pathway between GF and MK was very lightly traveled although I suppose you could hear the boats.

In HS maybe the area near Launch Bay? Didn’t seem to have much foot traffic when we were there.

We didn’t even go into Dinoland last trip but I imagine the area near PW wouldn’t be crowded or too noisy.

Maybe the back of the Morocco pavilion in EP. There’s hardly anything open in that pavilion and it was pretty dead when we walked through.

I’d think walking to one of the resorts nearest the parks would be a good spot too.


All fantastic tips! Thanks so much

I had to take a work call while at MK in August. The outdoor relaxation area near Splash Mountain was nice and quiet and I appreciated being able to take my mask off for the call. Another area where we had a bit of a break was in Fantasyland in between Ariel’s ride and Storybook Circus area. You might get some background noise there from the Mine Train but it’s worth checking out. Good luck in the interviews!