Are there any attractions/shows you've yet to experience?

Trip #5 is upcoming for me. I’m an every other year visitor, so new to me this trip will be ROTR, Ratatouille, and Runaway Railway

MK: Liberty Belle, Hall of Presidents
AK: Finding Nemo Musical
EP: American Adventure
HS: Beauty and the Beast Live

Really hoping Finding Nemo is back by December, but I don’t have high hopes


I have never done the drawing experience at AK at Rafki’s. Every time I go to AK I have good intentions and then miss the timing. One day…


AK: Navi
MK: Teacups (can’t even watch them in motion w/o feeling dizzy.)
EPCOT: Mission Space. (Won’t even try it. See above.)
HS: ROTR & Smugglers Run (Stupid BG for ROTR, therefore not interested in SR. Not a Star Wars fan either - like never even watched a movie.)

ETA: American Adventure is gorgeous. Lots of Hidden Mickeys, too. Voices of Liberty is in my top five fave things at EPCOT. Although, stupid Covid may have ruined the experience forever. :confused:


My trips are so short, there is a ton I have missed. A few of these (like muppets) I may have seen in the 80’s and 90’s but this is my “in the adult era” list:

MK: country bears, carousel of progress, Winnie the pooh (have done DLR), voyage of the little mermaid (have done DLR), paddle boat, monsters Inc laugh floor, festival of fantasy parade.

EP: every single movie or live performance in World Show Case, mission space, Epcot Forever (canceled when I was last there)

HS: ROTR, MFSR, MMRR, BATB, Little Mermaid, Muppets, lightning McQueen

AK: Nemo, Gorilla Falls Trail, Rafik or Animatiin Experience


New since my last trip will be MMRR, SWGE, Ratatouille. Tron and GotG if they open. Probably unlikely.

Never done, hmm.
MK - ETWB and I don’t think we’ve done Flying Carpets, we might have a long time ago.
AK - the drawing class.
EP - BatB sing along, though I have seen Impressions de France.
HS - the Lightning McQueen thing.

Of these, the only one I will probably do is BatB. No interest in the others.

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I think the only thing I haven’t done is Astro Orbiters at MK.

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Astro Orbiters is really cool if you wait until dark

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Things I’ve never done on my list for this upcoming trip: (I included food as well because why not). A lot of firsts are the focus this trip.

MK: Splash Mountain, Tom Sawyer island, Riverboat, country bears, tiki room, hall of presidents, skipper canteen, carousel of progress( maybe lol), dole whip float

AK: animation experience, rafikis planet watch train, yak & yeti (if I can get a res)

HS: muppets

Epcot: journey into the imagination

Resorts: trader sams, enchanted rose, citricos, topolinos, skyliner, Ohana, fireworks at CG, jock Lindsey’s, Bull & Bear, Gideon’s cookie

UOR: horror makeup show, Bourne stuntacular


If you sign up for the Landrys rewards program, you get priority seating at Yak and Yeti and don’t really need a res

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The Horror Makeup show is so fun! Bourne and Velocicoaster opened since our last trip so those will be new to us too.


This is fun @lochneffmonster! Thanks for starting this thread!

Oh yea how could I forget velocicoaster! I’m going to try to grow the cojones to ride it. DB did the sculpting for some horror movies & shows years ago so I’m adding it because I think he will love the horror makeup show. I’m excited to see the props.

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Thanks. Do you know if I have to wait for the card to come in the mail or if I can just show the email and do it while I’m there? I am holding out some hope to just get an ADR.

You can just give them your phone number if you don’t have the card


We’ve pretty much seen everything we wanted to. But what about the special tours? Was planning to do Caring for Giants at AK last trip, but no go. Come back please!

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To those who have never seen the Country Bears- your Magic Kingdom privileges are revoked. :laughing:


Unpopular opinion? Country Bears is a Silver Dollar City level attraction



I’m calling the cops!


LOL go ahead, I’m a 911 operator


You better hush up!