Are Magic bands necessary?

Do I need to get magicbands??
What are the advantages??

They were not necessary when we visited in March. We only used the card for entry and ROTR.

It all depends when you travel. With G+ and LL+ starting in October, they will be handy again at the Lightning Lane entrance.

Some people find them fun and easier than the card, iPhone, or Apple Watch.

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We also find them convenient for automatically linking certain ride photos to our photopass accounts.

(Our two youngest don’t have smart phones)

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Necessary? No. Preferable? To some, yes.
I prefer magicbands over plastic cards or magic mobile. I really don’t need to be in my phone more and I don’t need another card that I have to keep track of. I also like room charging, and you can’t do that with magic mobile. And the using your phone to unlock the door is notoriously unreliable.
I will use magic bands until they are no longer supported.


OK, that reminds me. I have a [remedial] question about that. I’ve got Memory Maker, and I have Magic Bands. Do I need to scan the Magic Band at the end of the attraction, or do I scan it somewhere before?

Oh, where are the experts with the list??? :laughing:

Some it’s after. Others it’s automatic. None before.

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… ooooh, there’s a list?

If your using photo pass you scan before the pic

You’re talking live photographers, yes? Not ride photos?

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Yes Cm photographer

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Well, here’s a list anyway that designates which are automatic and which you tap after. Maybe someone has a more recent one or scan for changes?


OMG, thank you!!! OK, so, for me, that’s Pirates, HM, and SDD* will automatically add photos, all others, scan after riding. Thank you!!!

*Not planning to do FEA or 7DMT, which would add a photo to the Photo Pass automatically.


Do we have confirmation that magic bands will support GP+ LL?

I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t. They’re still selling them and making plenty of money off them, I don’t think they want to stop.

Magic Bands don’t have any real functionality that would differentiate features. All it does is transmit an ID that can be used to identify who you are. In fact, it doesn’t store any personal information about you whatsoever. Rather, when you link a Magic Band to your account, it tells the system that any time it sees a MB with that ID, it means you.

Knowing this, there is no reason to believe Magic Bands will not be used for any and all features (including G+ and LL).


Big sigh of relief-

I have completely stopped using magicbands but didn’t think about this. This would apply to using the dining plan, too (eventually). Guess I better hang on to a couple just in case!


If I buy MBs thru MDE are they shipped to Canada or held at my resort pending my arrival?

Depends on the timing of the order. If it’s too close to arrival they will hold them at front desk