Are all FastPasses really gone?

I’ve noticed noticed that FastPass+ availability was previously showing a good amount available for mid-May and all periods out in time and now they are all gone and the TouringPlans FP Availability calendar shows no data for anything.

Is the system broken or is Disney now doing random releases throughout time?

For example, I can get FastPasses for today if I wanted to, but I can’t get anything for mid-May as I now plan my trip.

Please help.

See here for an answer to the TouringPlans availability calendar:

Seems that the recent changes Disney made to allow for making 4th and beyond FPP reservations form the app broke the mechanism TouringPlans uses to retrieve availability.

That doesn’t explain the lack of availability for mid-May. I can confirm that things were acting weird for me last week when trying to reserve for 4/30. I was trying to find availability for 7DMT and the system showed no availability at all on 4/30. Then all of a sudden one day there was a ton of availability for 4/30. Either there’s a glitch or they’re releasing batches of FPP slots on some sort of schedule.

This is interesting. DIdn’t know this was an option, assumed I was going to have to run around to the terminals for 4th and subsequent on the day FP+ reservations. What app do you mean?

The DME app. On April 10, they changed it so you can make 4th FPP from your phone, not just a kiosk. You can be anywhere, not necessarily in that theme park or any park! Look for the blog articles on how to use it now.

Brilliant, thanks.