April/May 2018 Memory Maker Share

We have three groups in a Memory Maker Share traveling the second half of April and would like to have a couple more families join us who are traveling either earlier April or early May, please let us know if interested!

Im traveling april 15!! details please… will we just be splitting the cost of the memory maker and still get all of our photos? is this allowed?

Yes, exactly. We can share a Memory Maker as friends and family and split the cost. Your dates work well with ours; if interested, or have more questions, PM me your email address.

Our dates are May 14 thru 19, will they work?

It’s probably a bit further than ideal, but let me check the deadlines etc. and will get back to you.


May 6-10 here. Would love to join!

Hello, thanks for your interest. We currently have 5 groups, 4 clustered at the end of April and one May 14-19 so you fit right in. If you want to join us, please send me your email address.

Is there any room left in the April share? I’m going April 17 to 23.

I’m sorry, we’re full and all paid up, good luck finding another group

Who is in for a mid to late May share?

I would like to do a May share if there are any openings. Our trip dates are May 16-19th.

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I would be interested in May. Our trip dates our May 11-18. But it has been so long since I’ve done this I would be hesitant to lead it.

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Looking for April group and instructions on how to proceed. Mothyx123, IMMommyDearest, any others?

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Best thing to do is set up a dummy account then that protects your own MDE and anything on it. Link everybody up (if you do not want to do this then that’s ok everyone can use Photopass cards but may not get ride photos and deffo no videos). Remember to link your own personal MDE to it also. To stop all reservation etc info going on just ensure that everybody’s settings are set to view only shared activities only. Also ensure add to family list and this person can view and purchase my photos are ticked. There is no order that people have to go just make sure that the person who goes first will still get their photos by the time the last person comes back ( photos disappear from day 45 which is why most people just use a 30 days window to allow editing and downloading befor pics start disappearing). You decide how much control is given but would advise strongly that nobody downloads anything until everybody has returned and edited then you do a download all and then everybody downloads from the my downloads section in parts. It is up to you when you give out the email and password to the dummy MDE. If you are not the first participant you may want to wait until just before you go or just before the first participant goes. Just ensure that people have the info in sufficient time to enable editing but with a strict no downloading policy.

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From a post on theDibb
When I decided to run a share I struggled to find information on how it might work with the new systems, and I notice recently a lot of posts on here about problems people have had so I thought I would post some info about my recent experience of running the share.

There were 10 of us in the share with some people spending longer at Disney parks than others. In the end we had just over 2000 photos and ride videos.

Although you get 45 days from the first photo being taken to down load we only had 27 days between first and last photo. This gave everyone plenty of time for editing. I also set the cut off date for editing 10 days before the deadline date to give us time to deal with any problems.

As there seems to be problems on the photopass site when you have too many downloads on the account, I stressed to all those in my share that they mustn’t download anything from the photopass site until I had done one mass download to a dropbox account. Unfortunately, and I am sure it was an accidental press, a full download was done before all the editing was completed and so when I came to do the final full download the system got stuck and it wouldn’t download the last 10 files. It was all sorted with a quick email to Disney asking them to clear all the downloads out of our account so we could start again. They did this within a few days and it was all plain sailing from then on.

Make sure everyone agrees to be patient, do one mass download and save everything to an online cloud account such as dropbox so people can pick up their photos from there rather than download from the photopass website.

One final thing…I know people have questioned the legitimacy of memory maker shares. I contacted Disney on a number of occasions both before and after the share, and each time explained that we were a group of people all travelling around the same time but on different dates and to different parks. They never once questioned what we were doing and were more than happy to give me advice on how it would best work.

Just keep up to date with any changes to the rules and how it all works - as we all know things can change rapidly at Disney HQ!

Any questions, please feel free to ask. I am now off to lock myself in a room with photobook software - I may be some time!

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I asked the question in chat for a May share. Looks like we have a nice group for late May. I will be there May 23- 30 @ partyof5. You still in???!

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May 23-30


I am travelling 4/21 - 4/29, would be interested in sharing MM, but would need to understand how that works.

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@NanaTinker I posted some Standard Operating Procedures above that I found on the web.