Apr 25 Rescheduling Advice

So I have, and always will, remained optimistic to the bitter end…but I think it is time I solidify a back up plan for our April 25-May 1 trip. While Disney and Delta have not yet officially cancelled our plans, its time I weigh my options, especially when the prez has already recommended distancing through Apr 31. So looking ahead, I just can’t survive the summer heat and the crowds, so I am looking into Sept/Oct. AoA Little Mermaid is already sold out in some of those weeks. I think I have narrowed it down to Sept 19-25 or Sept 26-Oct 2 to get the most comparable hotel and flight costs.

What would YOU do? Hold the current hotel booking until the bitter end when your money is automatically refunded to you, airline issues a eCredit, and you’ve lost all hope? I could call Disney and book a just-in-case hotel room in Sept with a deposit. Although my preference would be to go through Undercover Tourist since they have been exceptional. But UT would want the whole cost upfront, and without cancelling the initial booking (3 rooms total), that would be a big chunk of money tied up for a month.

Would you just throw in the towel already and rebook everything (flight and hotel) to Sept while prices and availability are still there? To add to the mix, my daughter starts kindergarten in the fall. Pulling her from school just as she is adjusting to all-day, 5-day-a-week school is just not ideal.

Or would you wait a few more days to a week to see how things evolve?

I know no one has the crystal ball, but I would love your whole-hearted opinions to help me make the best decision for my family. Thanks :heart:

I would rebook or cancel. We have social distancing in place until the end of April- there is no way things will improve enough to open Disney before May.


I don’t see a point in delaying any further.

I went ahead and rescheduled my 4/24 over a week ago since I wanted to take advantage of availability during the time I wanted to go, rather than losing out for being stubborn (not saying you’re stubborn - I just know that I am )

Go fix it up nice and new for when you want.


I am stubborn…and it shows! Lol thank you for the advice. I just can’t understand why Disney hasn’t officially closed through the end of April though.


They have officially closed “until further notice” … I would take that to mean end of April at the earliest, and they are offering rebooking/refunds/discounts for those booked through end of May IIRC

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I can share our rebooking experience. I don’t regret doing it. We were originally scheduled for May 15-20. Our first step was reserving another room for October. Once we had that locked, we checked with Disney to make sure we could use our tickets at a later date. Then I worked with the airline to make the change (no cost to us) for the October dates. Then, we sadly cancelled our May trip. But October is really only costing us an additional flight for our son, who will be turning 2. I’m glad I didn’t wait, because rooms and flights were getting booked up.

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I feel your pain! We still have our 4/28-5/5 reservation and have yet to cancel. I know chances are slim to none that this trip will happen but until Disney tells me otherwise, I will hold out hope.

It’s not happening.

I’d say your chances are a lot closer to “none” than “slim”.

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If it were me, I would re-book.

Hello again! We had the same travel dates, discussed our HS plans previously. I just contacted our travel agent today to also switch to September. Oddly enough we did consider the same weeks as you, but are now looking at going earlier in the month. I was also holding out hope, but I think at this point it’s time to start looking into other options. We live in NYS and currently anyone arriving from here into FL has to self quarantine for 14 days, so unless that changes, even with the parks open we couldn’t handle our trip as planned. But now I get to plan a whole new trip which is actually my favorite part of the whole process so here we go! Good luck!

We are scheduled for mid-May and are moving our trip to October. We kept our May reservation for now, just in case some benefit comes from it. We also want our tickets to get extended to December. But we do have our October rooms booked. We have to pull our twins out of their first year of middle school 2 months in. It stinks, but they will survive.

I think you need to reschedule at this point. I don’t think Disney will be open for your trip. Even if it was, I don’t think it will be fully open anyway.

I will add though that September is still pretty hot and humid.

Like I said, I will wait until Disney makes it official. It’s our 25th anniversary trip with lots of special events planned. I know it will eventually be cancelled but I don’t have the heart to cancel it myself.

I’m doing the same. I have an April trip and a May trip scheduled (AP so not a package, just resort and airfare). I have already booked back up trips but I’m waiting until Disney cancels. Airfare is with SW so no “cost” in waiting to cancel that.

Incidentally, I did just get a slew of emails from them notifying me that my April ADRs are being cancelled by them due to the shut down. I can’t pull up my plans in MDE so guessing the hotel and FP+ will be cancelled them as well.

No snark. Trying to understand what I am misreading in this that leaves any impression of any planned opening before June 1, especially since booking has been blocked until that date.


We also have room only booked April/May at CR and GF as AP holders. We too are flying SW so when I cancel I can transfer credits to new date. Our back up trip is booked for June Oddly enough every single reservation of mine still shows up on MDE. They have cancelled nothing and have sent no emails.

So far only my ADRs and FP for April 16th -18th have been cancelled. Everything else (including ADR and FP for April 19-21) are still there. Only for a short time, I am sure :frowning:

They state “remains closed until further notice” but have not corresponded with me to say my reservations are cancelled or need to be altered. So leaves me with some hope that they were still trying to get the parks operational by May. DCL cancelled cruises only thru April 28th as of now.

I try to be optimistic in most scenarios, especially on a Disney forum. And I’m dreaming of a reopening as soon as possible too. But I think reality has finally set in for me. I really don’t think Disney is going to be remotely close to reopening at any point in April or May. June and July will be a stretch. Virginia enacted a Stay at Home mandate until June 10 and my home state of MD, as well as DC, will likely follow suit at some point. When states are suggesting that they will mandate elective medical procedures be postponed until June, I can’t see Disney opening until at least that time either :frowning_face:


We have the same issue with flights. Rebooking from April to September is costing us 2 additional flights since our twins turn 2 over the summer.