Apple Watch app

Do you have an Apple Watch? Would you want a Tourplans App? What would your wish list be for a TP Apple Watch app?

  1. No. (Not yet, at least.)

  2. Absolutely

  3. Lines would totally rock as a watch app - it can use notifications/taps to alert to any changes on your touring day, give you a glance to see the next step in your plan (and to mark it as complete). Lots of “right now” functions that would be simpler to deal with not having to take the phone out.


If I had an apple watch I would want the app on it! As of right now I’m not getting the Apple watch but who knows, in a month or two I might NEED it! ha! (proud owner of a 6plus)

Not yet, but I will in June and yes to the app please!!! having my TP on my watch would be incredible!!!
menus would also be nice

Yes! And Yes! I’m at WDW. I so wish I did not have to keep pulling out phone. I use my watch for everything I can.

I have an Apple watch. I am going Oct 10-17 would love an app for the trip!

The Apple Watch app will not be ready by October. We have several other items we are working first.


I have an apple watch and would love to have my touring plan on my wrist! Do you need any beta testers?


I’d love to beta test too!

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I’d LOVE to have a Lines app on my Apple Watch! Is there one in the works??

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Unfortunately, an Apple Watch app is a low priority. As you can see with this thread there is not too much interest. You are likely to see an updated Lines app first.

Will this idea be revisited now that Watch 2 is out? I am getting one and would love to be able to see my Touring Plans on my Watch!

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Yes, yes, yes!!! Would LOVE to see TP stuff on my Apple Watch! Is this being worked on? Maybe available before say, November 27th? :wink:

Me too!

Yes, would be great

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Yes, please!

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I have a watch now! Please pretty please???

Every adult in our family has the Apple Watch. A TP APP would be a big boon! Lines would be great!

Yes Please add the apple watch app. All of other apps have it and I end up using their app in the parks because of this feature.

Yes and yes! Would love access to my TPs and wait times.