AP + tix, how many FPP?

So I just read something on the Lines App that has me concerned. It sounded like those with an AP can only make 7 days worth of FPP thru disney website? Is this correct?

Here is my situation.
0. going in Sep this year.

  1. Wife has AP, but it is NOT yet activated.
  2. Rest of family (9 other people) have a 10 days tix, with 14 days to use it.
  3. staying offsite (so 30 day lead time per each day for FPP - i get that)
  4. plan on going 4 parks, 2 days off, 4 park days, 2 days off, and then 2 final days.

So my question is this.
I assume that I can make 10 days worth of FPP for tix holders. Can my wife with AP make 10 days worth of FPP?

The chat post sounded like i have to call in for the AP FPP. However, how is that going to work? e.g. I need to get FPP in sets of “10”. What happens if i can only book for 9 due to AP restrictions? Do i need to call and ask CM to put FPP on my wife’s? Do I have to call in order to get FPP times?

Any input appreciated.

I do believe it’s limited to 7 days or length of onsite stay


So i can only book her 8th day after the first couple days of use? that is going to be a pain.

Someone on chat has only been able to make 7 days of FP with a 14 day onsite reservation.


That would be worth a call, because I think it’s supposed to allow you more if you’re linked to an onsite reservation


She called and the CM said it was a glitch and made the extra FP for her, but now everyone is worried. Everyone with an AP that is.

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I saw that. wasn’t sure if anyone on this side of chat had a different experience or knows something else.

Seems like my FPP could be “off” between what i can get online and then calling. Seems like a call in july to WDW would be in order. then definitely securing the FPP for the 9 ppl first and then trying to get AP to join in.

Of course! With any small glitch many people must moan in fear and horror, even those for whom there is no risk of said glitch

Oops. Did I say that out loud?


lol :slight_smile:

Aren’t you staying offsite? That’s the kicker here.

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Yes. offsite.

If off-site then it’s 7 days total and after you use day 1, you can book day 8 etc.


wow. not fun. so 7 day lead time on FPP. At least i beat the day off crowds. :stuck_out_tongue:

any body have advice. I have a little leeway. so rides might be attractions smaller kids can’t ride, so that helps a little. need to review my later TPs.

Perhaps I can test out making FPP for my wife and see where the cut points are, how it actually plays out.

You can actually get most FP at a week out, except FOP, SDD, 7DMT.

True. I have been watching that. The big issue would be synch-ing the times up. i understand a little delta, but if i have 9 FPP at 1 pm for PP and then the other 1 at 3pm, that’s not going to fly…get the pun :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s true. Good luck with it!

Decide which 7 days of your park visits are the most important / difficult to book FPs for etc. Do them first. Those 7 days don’t have to be continuous.

Book those days first for everyone. If you can get FoP, Slinky and/or 7dmt at any time, book those for everyone and work around those days.

Probably book the first 2-3 days, so that as you use them you can try to add overlapping FPs for her on the other days.

This topic is always so interesting to me. I have had an AP for years and have never been able to book FPPs for more than 7 days even though we almost always stay onsite. I have even called and have told that 7 days is the limit even if the onsite stay is longer than 7 days. But yet people here to seem to have much better luck than I do with booking more than 7 days of FPPs.

You need to phone the AP help line. Not Guest Services.

That’s what I consistently see posted.


What will happen with the UK 21 day tickets?