Anyone try David’s and DVC Rental simultaneously?

So we’re in the que with David’s waiting for points for Bay Lake Tower. I’m sort of desperate to stay there (but hoping not to pay rack rate of course, lol) if we get in the que at DVC rental store is there a different clientele of Point owners? What if by some chance they both come in at the same time?? Once they start looking, if they find it they book automatically don’t they? You don’t get an email asking if you if you still want it. We have a friend that owns points at SS for us, but I’m worried at 7 months BLT won’t be available as we’re looking in Nov. we already lost The Beach Club availability waiting for points. Advice?

If David’s has said that there is availability but they don’t have points available, then I would absolutely check another rental store. If there is no availability, then that will be the same across all stores.

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I have done this. And it worked out.

Obviously, if they come in absolutely simultaneously, then you could lose the 100 “search fee” or whatever they call it.

However, as soon as I was notified by one company that they had secured my reservation, I immediately emailed the other to withdraw the search for that hotel/dates.

It worked out, but there is some small risk. If you are comfortable with the chance of losing the search fee/deposit, then go for it.

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