Anyone else struggling with DVC website?

I had to decide if I was going for CC or a standard room at BWV. I was 1 second early at CC (went for the walk in shower and that was the wrong decision).

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Thanks. 8:00 EST is a much more civilized hour. I guess I’ll try then online and again at 6:00 (my time) by phone if I’m unsuccesful.

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How did it go?

It’s coming up. I’ll let you know at the end of the month!


I think the problem is that the site doesn’t want me to borrow 2023 points. But I think I should be able to. My use year is August and I’m booking for August dates, so I should be able to borrow from 2023 right? I only need to borrow 10 points so well below the 50% limit.

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Is this a direct or resale contract?

There is a glitch with some accounts that you need to call to book reservations that require borrowed points.

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I have 50 resale and 50 direct. I didn’t have this issue a few months ago when I was borrowing 2022 points!

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Are they the same resort?

Are you borrowing resale this time and did you borrow resale last time?