Anyone else struggling with DVC website?

You can delete the one already in your wallet and then add it again.

If it does not show your affiliations, delete it again, remove your phone number from your profile, reload it, then add your phone number.

Also, I think someone said changing the theme of the card sometimes works?

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thank you for all these ideas. :heartpulse:

ok… I have some potentially dumb questions. How do I know my apple wallet has been updated? The designs look the same. I assume that only those w/ APs or DVC can choose those designs? I did take a screen shot of my temporary card to use if needed. TIA

When you go into your wallet you need to click on the three dots (top right corner$

That should bring you to this page (I cut off the ID and bar code )

In MDE it also shows my Disney Visa and Castaway affiliations but I am ok with not seeing it here

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Awesome, thank you!!! I can see that, didn’t know to look for that.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this is still the screen I’m getting.

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hiho hiho :upside_down_face:

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You are stressing me out. I have scheduled myself to start work tomorrow at 6:15 to try to get on a waitlist exactly at 8 (or maybe book a BW studio)

Sorry! That’s why I started this whole thing, kind of setting up the dominos for my trip in late August. But it won’t let me do anything! If I have to get up at 3:00 AM on my 7 month mark to make a phone call … that’s not going to be pretty!

I’ve not had any problems today w/ the site. It was all me; user error or lack of know how :wink:

The bright side is that everyone else is being impacted, not just you.

When I tried to book my SSR Studio, I tried for 15 minutes from my phone, but it kept erroring out right after I entered all the guest information. I switched to the desktop, and it errored out a few more times (meaning, I had to start all the way back at the beginning) before it finally succeeded.

The same thing happened two days later when i tried to book my SSR 1-Bedroom.

I generally just book it for 1 and then add everyone later. I have 10 minutes at 8 tomorrow morning.

Have you tried using a different browser? Like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari?

There are reports that DVC switched to AWS and it is not going well.

This is the design I picked and although you can’t see it the snowflakes are animated.



Well, phone is safari and probably the other two I was using Chrome. I will try Edge on the Surface when I get home tonight. Good thought.


Well, I’ve now tried Safari, Edge and Chrome multiple times over multiple days. I’m pretty much resigning myself to calling in on my 7 month day. Does the booking window open at 6:00 AM each day and are the phones active that early?

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DVC booking opens at 8 am whether on the 11 or 7 month mark

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It is 8am online, 9 by phone.

FYI, I did one booking and a total of three waitlists (cancelled one and re-booked because I decided I did not trust the system) yesterday.


I guess nobody must be walking these days…

That’s one way to stop that practice.

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