Anyone else struggling with DVC website?

I have been trying for days to either modify a booking or create a new booking. I keep getting a screen with the 7 dwarfs saying “We’re working on it. The page is unavailable.” I’ve tried on my phone, my laptop at work and my Surface. Is anyone else having this issue? I’m starting to worry as my 7 month mark comes up at the end of the month.

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Weird. I was on a few minutes ago without an issue.

Still not working for me.

I’m sorry. Can I look something up for you?

I can look stuff up, I just can’t actually book anything. Thanks, though!

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Ohhh. I wasn’t trying to book. I was just looking.

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I could not get it to work from my phone, but can from the website sporadically. It took me about 4 times trying to book before it finally worked.

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I had to call in to book a couple of days ago. I thought maybe it was because I was using transferred points. I must have tried 15 times over 2 days to do it myself! The wait when I called was only half an hour.

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I read a lot of reports in DVC Facebook groups that it is an issue.

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Okay. Good to know it isn’t just me!

I noticed that today it actually says it is down for maintenance, explicitly, which it wasn’t saying before when I was looking. So they know something is wrong and trying to fix it, apparently. Hopefully this means it will be restored to working order soon.

Me too! I haven’t been on yet today to check. Thanks for the update!

A few people mentioned it was working this morning and then VGC showed availability across the board, and they took it down :grinning:

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I’ve been trying to download my new digital mbrshp card w/o success.

Maybe that’s all part of the “new and exciting” features?!? They call it the Russian Roulette feature…never know when it’s gonna work!

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Are you doing it from the MDE app?

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and why do they ask me to participate in a survey about their site when I sign in… how about after I’ve finished my business :thinking: hmmm, I think I know :wink:

I’m trying, but I already have my magic mobile set up and there is no option to update. I can see a temporary card on the DVC site. BTW the temp card exp. 02/22… I really dont’ want to have to go through this every month!

Yep! I’ve been bothered by this for a while. I seem to be asked the moment I log in about every few days. I one time agreed, thinking it was going to email me a survey that I could then participate in after I finish my “visit” to the site…but, nope.

So, apparently…they just want to know how my login experience went! (Which, for the record, isn’t very good, since I’m emailed EVERY SINGLE TIME that I logged in from a device I regularly log in from, PLUS…why must you make me hide the important info OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again? That’s why they invented cookies…to remember that kind of thing.)


yep, all this