Anyone else having problems?

Since Sunday, ive been trying to purchase a ticket for my planned trip in May. But every time i get to the part where i select the date, the page gets stuck on loading. If i refresh, i have to so start over. Even more frustrating, this is what happens when im already logged in to my account. If im signed out, i get through it all with no problem. But when it comes time to check out, i get error messages saying it cant sign in! However, i close the page and come back, i can sign in with no problem. What the else is wrong with this thing? Is anyone else having as frustrating an experience?


I had that problem in the past. I know I had to go through Chrome to fix it. I believe @bebe80 help me with my settings to fix it.


Hmmm I forget the details now. Maybe switching to “Desktop site” did the trick?

You could also check Orlando Informer for ticket purchase too.

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I just used advanced filters for the first time!


I started on the app, which is on my phone and Galaxy tablet. When that didnt work, i went into Chrome. But as soon as i log in, it automatically opens the app. So i tried a Fire tablet, which only has Amazon Silk,one of the worst browsers. Again, same problems. So i uninstalled the app on my phone and Galaxy, and tried using Chrome again. What do you think happened?

And yes, i tried switching to desktop as well

That is super annoying. I would probably just call universal and buy them using a human. They usually pick up straight away and would no doubt be less frustrating than what you’re dealing with

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You can also try clearing the cache for the app.

Uninstalling doesn’t necessarily do this, because it will keep around certain data that, if you re-install, will still be there. But going in and clearing all app data/cache might help.

Then again…it might not.

At this point, its more about getting resolution for the problem. The tickets are inconsequential.

And yes, ive cleached the cache & cookies on all three devices. No use.

Using Chrome, go here, then HOLD DOWN “explore all tickets” button. Then Open incognito tab. It should not revert to the app this way.

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Well that’s good, but if i go incognito it will log me out