Universal Site Purchase Issues

I have been struggling to complete purchases for tickets through Universal. All of my personal apps/browsing are on my phone or iPad. I have Safari and Chrome on my iPad. I can generally get into my accounts, add items to a cart, select delivery method but I cannot continue from the payment page ( it seems to have saved my credit card info from my last AP purchase but I cannot delete it or change the card). The continue button looks active on the payment page but for HHN tickets, it will not work. When I purchased APs over the last month it stopped at the next screen where I had to enter date of birth.

Any ideas? I have tried private and incognito browsers. I am trying to avoid using my work laptop for this purchase.


In the Chrome browser option menu, have you selected “Desktop site”?

Thanks for the idea ( I didn’t know that was there) but it is still stuck.

Log off of the the Universal site, open a new browser window in desktop mode, log back in, then try it.

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Thank you! It was still a struggle and I had to change it to “ print at home” but I have one night booked!