Anyone done Vegas recently? Tips Tricks for "boomers"?

Ok so my stepping outside the “bubble” is moving along…

My SO announced that some people he used to work with are heading to Vegas for Super Bowl. So I just booked us a week…

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I’m here now! First time. First full day today.

Oh please let me know what you enjoyed-

I am in early planning stages lol but by Disney standards I am over 6 months behind!

I will let you know!

Will this be your first visit?

No went over a decade ago - and absolutely HATED IT… at the time they were advertising it’s like Disney for adults- umm nope! we left within 48 hours…I am actually to get a plan together this time…

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What did you hate about it?

Lol ALOT! -

We went for a package deal for a concert- our hotel was the Flamingo - and it was a 20 something party nightmare- pool deck required stepping over vomit by 10 am…

So strike -1 hotel

The only tourist type thing we actually did attempt to do was see Belliago fountains- as we were standing there about half a dozen police came and tackled the guy next to us…

Strike 2

Take this from someone who spent most of her adult life in law enforcement in the NYC Subway…Aggressive Panhandlers were everywhere we tried to go…understand I was paid to deal with that at work I had no intention of putting up with that on vacation. When we tried to use an overpass and we’re threatened with a pit bull I called the airline…

This time we are meeting friends-

We are headed to a resort off the strip…ect

Don’t walk on the strip, take Lyft, even if you are going to a hotel next store (It’s yukky and a buzz kill)
Go to Bellagio and see the flowers
Go to Golden Tiki off the strip
Go to the Peppermill
If you like fancy, the supper clubs at the Wynn and Bellagio are fantastic. (Mayfair & Dahlia)
The Mob Museum (have a drink in the basement) and the Atomic Museums are neato
Go see the Vegas Vickie neon at the Circa hotel
If you like Thai food, Lotus of Siam is fantastic!

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I’ve been to Vegas several times, but not since 2020. I’m happy to help with questions but I am likely out dated on some things. I highly, highly recommend seeing some shows if you’re able. My absolute favorite is Love at the Mirage. It helps to be a Beatles fan but it’s a great Cirque show even if you’re not. I like walking the Strip but it is very time consuming. Bringing a frozen beverage along on a walk helps pass the time.

We enjoyed the Mob Museum and Fremont St. too.

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A ton of years ago we spent 5 days in Vegas. We hiked at Red Rock Canyon State Park. Drove out to the dam. Thought we might ski at Mt Charleston, if memory serves. It was a warm spell and they weren’t even making snow. I think we toured a chocolate factory. Pretty sure we did a comedy show.

Some do a day trip to the Grand Canyon, south rim. My sister and friends on their Vegas trip were going to do the Skywalk near the Grand Canyon but it was pricier than they expected.

I’m definitely not in the adult Disney camp. :wink:

Have fun!

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Yup - those are on my potential lists as of right now it’s a 7 night stay so I will have about 4 days to fill before the grumpy old men get together…the only reason it’s this long is Santana will be playing our first night- cross your fingers trying to talk SO into VIP table- must by entire table!

Grand Canyon south rim might be another trip- from what I understand it’s a bit of a drive and the bus tours run for several hours…

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Will you have a car? My sister was in Vegas with bowling team for a tournament. They had a rental. Drove themselves.

Yikes! Entire table!

Probably going to have a car for most if not all of the trip…

Entire table!

Yeah trying to justify it quite difficult especially because this wasn’t in the vacation plans for 2023 and is sandwiched in between 1st DLR ( 3 weeks before ) and 1st trip Branson ( about 6 weeks after ) BUT it’s Santana the room is basically free as I am using some bonus timeshare points so 1 bedroom at Wyndham Grand Dessert cost to us is zero, and well I snagged a Frontier sale R/T nonstop flights for the 2 of us for $220 TOTAL!

I know a lot of folks dislike Frontier but we have had consistently less problems with them as far as cancellation and flight changes than southwest or American. That said I also would not sit in there seats for flights longer than 2 hours or so

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He ain’t getting any younger.

What’s the savings on the room.
And what’s the cost of the table.

Neither are WE!

The cost of the timeshare for us is zilch…for now lol.

Resale in the timeshare world is quite a bit different than resale DVC…

I adopted it for $1. previous owner paid closing costs and the maintenance fees…

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Well figure out what your cost would have been for the one bedroom.

I’m assuming less than the entire table?

Then subtract the would have been cost of the 1br from the cost of the entire table.

That is your “actual” cost of the table. :grin:

I’m on a shuttle right now to a helicopter to Grand Canyon south rim. My husband bailed because he’s prone to panic attacks and feared the copter might trigger him. So it’s a solo trip for me—good practice for my upcoming solo WDW trip. :confused:


Incredibly proud of you and I may follow your example-
SO would NEVER do a helicopter tour…

But while the grumpy old men are doing grumpy old man things I just might!

Please tell us how it went and what company ect…

I make no apologies for possibly turning this thread into a @ParkRanger trip report

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Prepaid trip. A splurge for us. No refunds.

Maybe they’ll give me a credit for the unused seat.