Any point in keeping magic bands?

Other than for souvenir purposes I don’t need to keep them, right? If we return in a few years, will we get new ones.

You’ll get new ones if you stay onsite. But you’ll be able to use the old ones too, although they may not automatically pick up ride pics so you could miss out on the ones where there’s no place to tap.

No point except how are you going to work on making this over time if you don’t save them??


That’s awesome!

IKR? So save them.

Else I know someone who will take donations… :crazy_face:

What is that base made of? That is great!

Technically they’re “good” for as long as the internal battery lasts. Any time you stay on property you will get a new one. At one time I had 4 “good” bands in different colors. I made sure all were activated, and switched between the different colors, depending on what I was wearing.


Floral rings I am told.

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Perfect! Can you tell how they are connected?

Ill ask my friend

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Yes, please I want to make/buy one too!


I didn’t connect mine just placed them near each other


@Halosa is my friend :smiley:

There you have it - hung in proximity, not connected

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I would save them for matching outfits but also in case you lose one during your trip.

I just “OoooOOOoooh”ed like the little green aliens from toy story. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I made mine this afternoon. I did choose to connect them and used floral wire to do so.

Clearly we have a few trips yet to take!!

Edited: found a bunch more! I knew they are somewhere!


That kind of reminds me of what I do with our old skis, except they take up a lot more space.

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Haha! Both of my cats are very bothered/intrigued/confused by this piece of art


They must think it is a real mouse or they are saying this thing keep taking our family away from us for a week at a time.