Any point in keeping magic bands?

After a few years, the battery dies so the long range RFID won’t work (ride photos, etc.) However, the short range RFID should work indefinitely, so if you need extra copies of a band on a future trip (ex: grandpa wants to go back to room and open his door, I want to use his FastPasses in park) it will still work.



I am so copying this idea! Will go on my wall with all of our pin lanyards.


So a friend of mine send me this photo today. She saw it on IG and thought I would like it. I had to laugh since I had already seen it here.


That’s awesome!

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And so funny.

Both @Halosa and @OBNurseNH are making me jealous. Not with the super awesome mickey artwork with all the magic bands, but with the knowledge that they have been to Disney SOOOOO many more times than I have. Take me on your next journey!


Using two bands for that purpose is brilliant! We have only one room with dining, so the extra bands will allow the other room to charge dining to the correct room. Thanks!