Any fun QS in resorts?

We leave MK at 6PM our first park day. While I’d love an ADR at CP or Chef Mickey’s it doesn’t seem likely and it would be better for me to save money anyway.

Are there any fun or notable QS in any of the resorts that we might enjoy vs eating off property or at our rental house? Fabulous theming or hidden gems?

Thank you!

Not EXACTLY what you’re asking, but have you considered heading to Disney Springs and soaking up the evening atmosphere? Earl of Sandwich has some decent food and inexpensive dessert/snack items. Other snacks around the place as well.

We really enjoy Disney Springs, particularly in the evening, for the ambiance.


You could walk to Contempo Cafe. Not the greatest “ambience” but kids love watching the monorail go by.

P.s. I don’t find ambience at Disney Springs. It’s a shopping mall.

Go in the evenings. The music. The lights. The people. The snacks. And, of course, World of Disney is there! :slight_smile:


Been there, done that. Evening just means more crowds. Then it’s a crowded shopping mall. There are good restaurants and stores there, but it’s still a shopping mall.

Back on topic, both Captain Cooks and Gasparilla Grill get at least a little love as QS, and they have the option of monorail rides or boat rides to get to.


Never been but planning to— geyser point at wilderness lodge might be a fun option! Looks like a great outside area to eat.

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I would consider it. Our family enjoys DS and already have two afternoons planned there.

The crowds and darkness does make me anxious as a mom.

I’ll look at these. Thank you.

I would go to Geyser Point at WL or the Mara at AKL.


Oooooo. I’ll definitely check that one.

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I second Geyser Point - we took our MK day lunch break there on our 2017 trip and loved it.

When there 2 weeks ago we made it our last WDW meal - think that might be our go to routine from now on. DS16 had been fantasizing over the bison burger with marionberry sauce and the Blue Sky organic root beer since our last trip and it did not disappoint.


My DD15 would go nuts for a bison burger.

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Should mention - there’s also onion straws and of course bacon in there. Along the with marionberry the flavors together make it a Perfect. burger.

My son loves that root beer so much (only had it the one time last trip) that he mentions it regularly. Saved the can to take home as a souvenir! :smiley:

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Three Bridges at CSR would be an awesome QS. Dinner only I believe but killer menu.

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In the past I would have said try not to miss Chef Mickey; however, the cost and the experience are not the same. This is a little dated so I’m not sure it’s still available but DFB is my go to for WDW food stuff:

It’s a secret agent type experience. There is another DFB video about the $100 nacho experience at MK. Not sure if it’s still a thing.

I love Chicken Guy at in DS.


Here is the nacho video:

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I don’t think 3 Bridges is a QS. We were there when it opened,but didn’t get to eat there and the location is very nice.


We tour all around the resorts for QS when we stay off site because they are open so late and the one time we tried off site on 192 the wait was over an hour in the drive through.

I like POP, Art of Animation, French Quarter, Riverside, Contempo (at Contemporary), Captain Cook’s (open 24 hours), and the QS at GF but that one is out of the way, IMO.

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Does anyone know if they serve catfish anywhere at the Port Orleans Riverside?

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In the lounge if the menu is correct

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POFQ has a decent QS and more importantly–beignets.