Any fellow nerds out there want to share their Excel Spreadsheets on Trip Itineraries?

I always make one up for our trips and I know plenty more do as well. Just wondered if anyone wanted to show off with their kick-butt Excel spreadsheet? Maybe I should’ve searched more for posts on this…



There are so many more tabs where I keep track of stuff, but this is the one-page detailed itinerary.


Love it!

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This thread makes my OCD Type A Nerd heart so utterly content, I can not properly articulate it into words… I have a main spreadsheet… then daily itineraries I have yet to print out till I am done tinkering… then even more detailed notes… and it is so much fun :slight_smile: I have been working on a version to share as well once it is all done !


I don’t use Excel for this, I use PowerPoint. More of a freeform canvas instead of a strict grid format



I love it.

I did this for our first family trip in 2018. I also had daily cards with everything planned on it that I passed out the night before. It was brilliant and I kept everyone on task.

Fast forward…we leave in two weeks.

I have a hotel booked, flights, arrange pickup at the airport to take us to my car storage…and I just called for a spot to board the cat while we are gone. Oh and I have a hair appointment schedule the morning after we arrive.

I have ZERO other plans.


Worst nightmare for all you planners! We just kind of wing it these days. We’ve been on everything a million times, I just want to soak in the sunshine and the ambiance.


Hmmmmm, how do you get all them FP+ @hokiebroker? :wink:

I’m actually curious about that…seems like you know something based on your wink. But even with CL FPs, it’s only 6. I see 7 or 8 in a day…?

Probably different people.



We had Club Level FP+ and a 4 year old and a 7 month old. So we split up on some rides and did RS. Our daughter got to ride SDD 6 times! I highly recommend grabbing club level sometime. We did CSR Gran Destino and honestly it wasn’t priced too badly as compared to Deluxe.


What an amazing trip!!!

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Makes sense! That didn’t come to mind for me because we arent splitting up on our trip…my kids are close in age and we’ve not gone with them before, so don’t know yet that we’d have any need to part ways.
But we ARE staying club level and did take advantage of the extra FPs for some of our days! (Just booked them today actually! :grin:)

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Ok, now I don’t feel so Type A with my plain vanilla one page excel spreadsheet with our hourly itinerary on it… (I would be embarrassed to post it here though :wink:)


I like seeing other people’s ideas. Please share

I have a spreadsheet that I use for planning purposes, but mostly use our touring plan as an itinerary for our park days. I did a one page summary for our kids so they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the touring plans or spreadsheet. My husband thinks I’m crazy for the spreadsheet, but it does really help with planning. It is nothing like the amazing ones posted above!


@michellekelly625 Yours is awesome!!! Love the characters!


ohhhhhh, I MUST add characters and the FONT!


I use a pencil and paper spreadsheet! Lol! I have ZERO skills at excel! I made a form with Word, printed it, and fill it in with a pencil :joy:
It’s more like @michellekelly625 version (so a broader look) and I edit with an eraser!


I use paper and pencil to finalize and a spreadsheet to start :rofl: