Any benefit or tricks with two sets of magic bands?

Having already secured Magic Bands with our booking we’ve taken advantage of the UK Disney tickets offer that also gives us a second free set of Toy Story ones we can pick up from Disney Springs.
Apart from just giving us the luxury of choosing which we want each day, are there any clever tricks you can do with a second set?
In particular I was thinking about fastpasses, if my wife and youngest didn’t want to make use of one (Tower of Terror I’m looking at you), can I go through a second time using their spare ones, for example?

I’m not sure about additional tricks but magic bands in general make your money disappear real quick like magic.


Ahh, is that why they’re called that :grin:
Thankfully we’re offsite so money won’t be linked to them - but yeah, I’ve been down that road before at DLP where it’s tied to the room.

You don’t need a second set of MBs to use someone else’s FP, you could just use their first band. But having a second one means they don’t have to take their first one off. MBs just access your MDE, they are interchangeable and there are no tricks.

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Be sure you only use a FP on a Magic Band that has been booped at the park entrance. If you try to use a FP on a band that has not been swiped at the turnstile previously that day, that band will be locked down.


Oh that’s really useful I didn’t know that, thank you!

Yes. This is worth re-iterating.

If you tap into the park using MBs 1 and 2, but have MBs 3 and 4 (where 3 is the same account as 1, and 4 is the same account as 2), you can’t just use MB 3 instead of 1 and 4 instead of 2. Disney knows you didn’t tap in with those bands and when you attempt to use them assumes they are stolen (etc).

It is best to just show up to the parks with ONE set of bands per person per day.

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I’m not sure that’s right. If @SimonUK tries to use his wife’s band while she’s back at the hotel, yes. But if she’s in the park, there shouldn’t be a problem should there? The band only accesses the MDE account and lots of people carry a spare in case they lose one during the day. Their accounts don’t get locked when they use the spare.

MAYBE. But each MB will have a unique serial number. In the Disney system, each serial number will be mapped to an MDE user. If you have multiple bands, each of those bands still have a unique serial number mapping to the same account.

So, for simplicity, let’s say I have two bands with SERIAL1 and SERIAL2 as their serial numbers. SERIAL1 maps to ryan1. SERIAL2 maps to ryan1. But when I tap into the park, the system knows that ryan1 presumably tapped in using SERIAL1. If I then proceed to use SERIAL2 to tap into a ride, this would raise a flag that it is NOT the same band and could be lost/stolen and being used by someone else.

Perhaps you’re right and they won’t care as long as ryan1 is actually tapped into the park. To me, it seems risky.

I know I’ve seen people say on chat that they were glad they brought the spare because their kid dropped their band. And what about people buying a new band in the park and starting to use it straight away? I’m 95% sure it’s fine. But as I said earlier, there’s no need to do it anyway.

We always have two MBs for DD - she wears one and I keep one puck on a “keeper” keychain for those times when she’s too distracted to tap into a ride herself. Never had a problem. I’ve obviously not tried to use her puck when she’s not tapped into the park. :slight_smile:

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That’s what I thought, thanks for confirming.

Okay, then. Very good. Makes sense, then, in such cases. Just would be really annoying to get yourself locked out of our MB! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!
Loving the idea of putting the spares on a keychain too. Just could be handy if they want to wander off and we make use of the FPPs I’ve booked. Only going to be relevant on a couple of rides I think.

I was assuming the alternate band would be linked to it’s own MDE profile. For instance, if grandpa stayed back at the resort that day and you wanted to use the FP linked to his band in addition to the ones on yours.

Ah no, not in our case, just we’ve ended up getting two sets, but we’d all be in the parks.

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Hmm. I’m imagining some scenario wherein the parent (ahem, you) really really likes that Toy Story Midway Mania ride and so, as you approach it, you say, “Oh…I’m sorry, honey! The ride is closed. I guess we can’t do it today.” Then, you…err…the parent decides it is time for the spouse to take the little one(s) to the gift shop. In the meantime, you zip through the ride twice before meeting back up.


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As much as I like your thinking Ryan, what’s the point in a shooting ride if not to crush the hopes and dreams of your children by obliterating them on the scoreboard? :smiley:
Now, if we’re talking about the 7th time doing it’s a Small World in a row (that’s not just a fantasy scenario) it might work the other way around :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope it’s more a split stay situation, or if you brought your old bands with you. Which I’m trying to decide if I want to do.

As it’s kind of similar, can I quickly ask, what’s the deal with fingerprints, I see them on the videos, and understand it’s to make sure the right person uses them. But do all FPP tap in points get your finger print too, or is it just some of them, the park entrances for example?