Any benefit or tricks with two sets of magic bands?


It’s just at park entrance.


Hmm. You raise an EXTREMELY valid point. It was the wrong ride example to pick.


Yeah. It is to make sure you don’t hand your MB to someone else and let them into the park to avoid paying for tickets. Once you’re in the parks, however, it no longer matters. Your identity has been confirmed.


It’s also worth mentioning that it’s not your fingerprint they’re after. The biometric scanner measures three different points on your finger and converts this data to code. Your actual fingerprint is never recorded in any way.


I can see why people would worry about the fingerprint, thanks @lecras
I’d trust Disney with mine though, just not my wallet :slight_smile:


Yes. This is true. Of course, it means the accuracy of the unique identity is “good enough”, but in no way absolute. It CAN be fooled…but it would be somewhat difficult to fool.

Over at Universal, they also use the same technology. But this ended up being problematic for my wife. Every time we entered the park, or took the Hogwart’s express, the fingerprint scanner just wouldn’t recognize her. We’d all be through, and it would take her about 3 minutes! It wasn’t until the fourth day that someone said, “Well, all you need to do is show us your I.D. if you want to speed things along.” Great. Why didn’t they tell us this on Day 1?


We all had trouble at Universal too.


Useful to have a spare in case one gets lost.


That’s probably the most useful answer, very good point!


One very useful reason to have a spare set of bands which we encountered on our recent trip, is if you plan on sending half the party back to the room or half the party to a restaurant or whatever.

We had quite a few instances (e.g. on a particularly rainy day) when half our party (with FastPasses still coming) decided they were done and wanted to go back to the room. They had already checked into the park, but they needed one band to get into each room. (Same would be true if they wanted to order food). Each band they took back to the room was one set of FastPasses they couldn’t leave with the half of the party staying in park. Similarly, when my wife and I went on date nights (to parks we had all checked in at during the day) and wanted to book all kinds of late night FastPasses, we were slightly limited by the fact that we had to leave a few bands with the grandparents and kids so they could eat and get into the rooms (the nerve!).


I’d say it’s too late for that Simon! You’ve already booked, they have your money, and some. :joy:


In September, I was hanging with friends in MK and we noticed that I had doubles of ride pictures showing up in my MemoryMaker account. Thought it was some weird glitch. Then on IASW, we had an odd number of people on our boat, but all the screens had 2 names on them. Including “Seth and Elizabeth” and “Elizabeth and Matt” which we thought was weird, but had no answer. We went to get snacks, and when I reached in my bag to get my wallet for my gift card, I hit the second Magic Band I’d tossed in my bag in case the one I was wearing came off. Even in my bag on the floor of the ride or in storage, the sensors were picking it up!

(I’ll note that with the second generation I have not had a problem with my Band falling off. With the first generation ones, I had one come off on Mission Space Orange. Thankfully I noticed it within a couple of moments of leaving. I ran back, and the CM in the gift shop sent me down the exit tunnel to check with those CMs. As soon as I said I’d lost my Magic Band, one of them pulled a handful out of her pocket and said “Which color? And name?” She had it. I’ve just been paranoid about losing them since, and being solo and having no other way into the room, I toss an extra one into my bag just to be safe.)


Interesting, the consensus on chat seems to be that the second generation are much more likely to fall off. We had no trouble with the first ones but I’ve bought mini rubber bands to help keep August’s in place. Good to know yours hasn’t fallen off.


Weird. I’ve never been on chat. But yeah - my second gen ones have had zero issues.


So we we’ve a couple sets of first generation. Will those work as backups 5 years old? I’m not concerned as much about photos as I am entrance, FP, room key, DDP, and purchases.


Yes they will work for anything that you tap.