Another dining question! :)

We just booked our April 2018 trip to WDW and I’ve been thinking (ok, obsessing!) about what ADRs I want to make. On our first trip to WDW last year, we did a few TS meals (CRT, Tusker House, H &V, BOG breakfast and lunch, Boma) and then ate a fair number of meals at The Mara since we were at AKL and we sort of stuck around the resort if we weren’t in the parks. This trip I’m excited for us to try some new restaurants and hopefully branch out a bit more! The kids will be 4 and 7 this trip. This is what I was thinking so far:

Arrival Day - no ADR as last year we didn’t make it to our arrival day Boma ADR because DD3 had a meltdown when we had to leave the pool :confounded:
Day 2 MK - Hopefully PPO BOG and Hoop Dee Do Review 6:00 show
Day 3 EP - Biergarten lunch
Day 4 HS - Sci Fi dinner
Day 5 MK2 - Skipper Canteen for early l lunch and then 'Ohana dinner
Day 6 AK - Lunch - Tusker House or Yak & Yetti? I also really want to try Tiffins but think that may be a bit much with the kids?
Day 7 MK or AK - Whispering Canyon dinner

Anything jump out to anyone? Any suggestions of places I may have overlooked that could be fun for girls aged 4 and 7? Oh and I should say we’re staying at WL!

My only question is no character meals at all? Did the girls enjoy them and, if so, will they not expect to do at least one? I see you have a maybe for Tusker House.

Is BOG for the PPO? If not, I might suggest Ohana breakfast with Lilo and Stich, good fun for little ones and they bring the food to your table.

Other possibles would be 1900 Park Fayre, or Garden Grill (on your Epcot day). Or the new Bon Voyage at the Boardwalk.

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All I can add is I think your kids do need to be older to get the most from Tiffins

Our teenagers love it but it’s fine dining food etc and overkill for young kids

It’s better for adults there I think

We love Hollywood brown derby for lunch or dinner

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I was thinking I may have gone to far the other way. I forgot about 1900 Park Fare! I think we’ll try that as I’ve always wanted to see the GF!

That’s what I had though re Tiffins. We’ll save that for a later trip I think.

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1900 Park Fare was a fan favorite among my 10, 7, and 6 year olds, as was Garden Grill in Epcot. In fact, I think they would say that Garden Grill was their favorite character meal due to the great interactions by chip and dale. We saw all four characters twice during our breakfast which was fabulous! My husband and I also really enjoyed the character interactions and the breakfast offerings were tasty! Best part…we didn’t have to leave our seat. Our server brought everything to us and would bring extras of any items we wanted more of. It was stress free dining for sure! Whispering Canyon was a really fun meal as well and great food. I don’t think you could go wrong with that one either.

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I’m traveling with DD7 and DS4 in November. Although I want to try Tiffins or Sanaa we decided to hold off. My kids just wont enjoy it or the food selections enough to make it worth it. Your plans look good otherwise, I’d also suggest Park Fare or Crystal Palace for some character fun.
(We did PF last time so this time hitting CRT, but are repeating CP b/c we love tiger and piglet too much!) We had a lot of fun at BOG (they gave my daughter the royal treatment for her bday so we can’t repeat it just b/c it will never live up to that magic again!)

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I also just really, really like the food at Garden Grill, at all meals.


Only thing that jumped out at me: 2 TS meals on day 5. Skippers is great, theming & food both. Ohana gets great reviews, so a good pick too.

Just thinking re my 2 grands, 4 and 7 same ages. I think they’d get a little squirrely for 2 sitdown meals on the same day.

That’s an individual observation though, your littles may tour differently that mine. Our littles could care less about food, it’s what’s the next ride, please, haha!


Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I’m re-looking at everything now. It helps to talk things out! Haha! I think I’m going to cut the Hoop Dee Do Revue for this trip. It just seems like a big time commitment and we really only have 6 full days. And my kids did enjoy the character meals last trip so I think I will add a few. Now I’m thinking:

Sunday (MK 1) - Crystal Palace early lunch
Monday (EP) - Biergarten (this is mostly for my DH. I think he’d like the atmosphere and the beer!)
Tuesday (HS) - 50s Prime Time dinner (I’m not sure DD3 would love Sci Fi; she’s a bit timid so may not like the dark and loud noise)
Wednesday (MK #2) - 'Ohana dinner
Thursday (AK) - Tusker House early lunch
Friday (MK likely) - I think I’m going to try to get a BOG dinner here. We didn’t get to see the beast last trip and my girls love Beauty and the Beast.

There are so many places I want to try but we only have a week, and I don’t really want to have an ADR on our arrival or departure day. I need to plan longer trips I think! :slight_smile:

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LOVE this idea. CP is one of our faves, and we try to make it a first meal every trip!

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I was going to say yes for TH while you’re at AK, we had a great lunch experience last year and kids loved the characters.

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Everyone I know who does Biergarten loves it

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We LOVE WL!! We usually stay there but are staying at GF this year b/c of a discount. I will probably miss WL though lol. I think Whispering Canyon is a fantastic idea, especially if staying there. Both lunch and dinner are delicious, one of our family’s faves. If you’re looking for another QS option one day, may want to check out Geyser Point at WL, it opened recently.

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You mention your daughters love beauty and the beast

Reminder they have an outdoor theatre show of this at Hollywood studios (at least they did in July) and it was excellent

Which reminds me the same theatre at HS has an absolutely brilliant show where a live orchestra plays the music to cartoons in the late afternoons/early evenings

That’s not to be missed - its really very special

The Music of Pixar Live, which I think is the live orchestra show you mentioned finished at the end of August. :cry:


It was great

Maybe they will use the orchestra for a new show there?

Yes! We’re planning to see the HS show because we missed it last trip!

The BOG dinner with the Beast sounds so cute for 2 girls! I love your new schedule.

In fact, you gave me a good idea, to rent Beauty & the Beast for my darling granddaughter 4yr old- . If she & her brother & 2 cousins like the movie, maybe I’ll set up BOG dinner for us next trip.

They liked the BOG breakfast last trip, so this would be great, yet a different take on the restaurant.

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Talk to me more about CP. We didn’t go on our last trip and didn’t have plans to go in November either. What do you enjoy about it? I have 10, 7, and 6 year olds.