Annual Passholders Sharing Memory Maker

Hi Everyone! It has been a long time since I have posted a question on here. Long time lurking liner!

I have an Annual Pass, Myself and friends of ours are travelling to Disney this coming Halloween. I know I can share my AP Memory Maker with my friend, we have linked out accounts and she is on my Friends and Family list.

How do I link her kids and husband? When I linked hers and my accounts it did not share her travelling party’s names.

Can I just add each child’s name and birth date to my friends and family list and Disney should figure out that it’s the same kids? I’m worried that they will scan their bands at photo pass but they won’t come across to my account to download. Especially for rides where the photos are automatically uploaded.

Help! Anyone! and Thank you So much in advance!! <3

Try this Linking Family and Friends in MDE



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It ended up being a phone call to Disney. The account and reservation number of the friend wasn’t linked properly on MDE so a cast member over the phone had to link each individual person. It took some time, but she was amazing and now we are all linked together!