Annual Passholder Rates Fall 2022

For those who are interested, Universal has released pass holder rates for the fall. For regular rooms, I am seeing rates through the night of November 3rd. For special rooms likes suites, I’ve seen some rooms out for early December


I’m curious to know what the rates are (I’ll go look). Because we booked our May 2023 rooms almost 6 months ago now. The same room with the regular “deal” they have is now considerably more than it was…so booking early will pay off for us. But, it makes me think the annual passholder rate will likely only bring it down to what we already have the rooms booked for!

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I had the same idea for my (now canceled) September trip. The rates were still about 25% lower than the original price, and lower than the “stay more save more” rate I had for 3 nights.

My original costs with the stay more save more was 305 a night, and the APH rates for those rooms now is 244 a night.

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I can’t figure out how to find Annual Passholder rates. The website doesn’t seem to be offering me anything. Is there a secret way in?

Use this link
and adjust your dates.


Thanks. It looks like the AP rate, at least for similar dates (since they don’t go out to May of next year yet) matches what I already booked for WITHOUT the AP discount. So, I guess I’ll wait and see if the AP discount will benefit me once my actual dates show up.

Yeah things are messy right now. My brother and I have a short trip planned for sept. I booked a placeholder reservation at the hard rock for $435 a night maybe 6 weeks ago. Our plans slightly changed so we only need two nights instead of three (he wanted to do a day at Epcot/hs so twist my arm haha)

Well, rates have increased to $600 per night (!!??) and no AP rate is listed. I just called them to see if I could drop a night at the original rate and no luck.

Going to keep it as is for now and just cross my fingers that an affordable AP rate drops. But $600 a night??! In September??!! :dizzy_face:

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Seriously? That’s a bummer. I was considering dropping a few days in the on-site resort and doing some off-site stay…but if that means our rate goes up, it wouldn’t be worth it. Good to know.

I’m not sure what your dates are but using the link from @OrlandoGirl357 above I was able to see a rate of $447 for Sep 11-14th. AP rates are hidden very well so you have to use the link she posted or be very savvy about using the website (it takes like 3-4 click throughs to get to AP rates).

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I considered moving from RPR to SF for the last night of our trip last month. We weren’t going to be using the parks on our check-out date and I liked the idea of using SF’s pool with their slide.
I had locked in a ST rate of $360/nt when I reserved at RPR a year ahead of time. When I looked at adjusting off one night of our 6 night stay, it revoked that deal and changed it to $600/nt.

Uhhhh, no. I just stayed with Royal Pacific all 6 nights.

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Did you pool hop? You are allowed to pool hop between all the UOR hotels, other than Endless Summer.

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No, we didn’t. Something we will definitely consider for next summer.

Thanks Jeff. We are going Sat sept 17-Mon sept 19 and I do check the ap link. It’s literally the second thing I do in the morning once I shut off my alarm haha.

I’ll keep stalking the site and keep my fingers crossed in the meantime!

ETA: do I compulsively check first thing because I’m crazy or am I just a liner :thinking::wink:


Ok got it - yeah I would guess since those are weekend dates you’ll be less likely to see a discounted rate. Crossing my fingers for you!

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@ryan1 , if the cost is still similar from what you originally booked, and you can swing it, might not be a bad idea to book a second reservation for the shorter stay now so you have it.

Maybe international travel is really ramping up? Who knows!


bookmarked!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

I was able to find APH rates searching through I found early december rates.


Just an update- still no dice on the AP rate for my weekend mid-sept. I spoke to a super nice person on the phone and they said deluxe hotel availability in general was super slim on weekends due to Halloween horror nights. Here’s hoping something drops later this week as it will be 6 weeks until my trip but appears unlikely.

Live and learn I guess! And be sure to book rooms before the HHN schedule drops!


I had a similar situation a few years ago - I wanted to drop a night but the price had gone up so much that it was less expensive to pay for the extra night than to change it. I called several times prior to the trip and they kept telling me I couldn’t drop the night so I kept it. When the time came, I called the front desk to tell them we weren’t actually going to be staying there that night and they said no problem, they could drop it for us with no change in rate for the other nights.