Annual pass refunds

Has anyone received their partial refunds for annual passes If so how much are the refunds

Still waiting. Was told mid-September. No idea on the amount they will refund; I have an idea of what I am expecting

I have refunds for 3 passes and just received a check for $380 I was expecting more

I am expecting $400ish for mine. I only activated it in January so I only got 3 months use of it.

I have not received my refund for 3 passes but we did get a new Tinkerbell car magnet in the mail yesterday.

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I’m waiting on mine and wondering if I will get one or not.

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Did you let them know you wanted a refund in time? You should get one if you did. What makes you think you won’t?

I never said I didn’t think I would get one. I just said I haven’t yet and was told mid September. I wasn’t given an amount to expect.

Rereading: I wonder about the MAGNET

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I thought the magnet was for those that kept their APs active… ? Let me know if you get one :wink:

Did you get a new AP magnet in the mail yet or not?


If you want, you can have mine.


I just really want my refund from the APs. My wife is already spending the money, she went out yesterday buying new living room furniture.

I mean I won’t say no thank you.

If you mean it, message me privately and I will send my info.

Okay, its been a few days and technically we’re still a few days away from mid-September but I wanted to check if anyone out there has received the AP refund yet?



Tick tock already Disney. Tick tock

Makes me wonder if there is some fiscal reason they are waiting. Like, if they hold off sending refunds it won’t show up in this quarter’s numbers or something?

In the meantime, I cancelled my room at the Contemporary and had the money refunded to my card the next day. :confused:

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Totally separate parts of the operation, different buckets if you will. Glad you got your refund quickly!

My AP has disappeared from my account, but no refund yet.

Interesting. Prior to my post earlier today, I had checked both MDE and my Chase Disney Credit Card. I saw no changes.

After seeing your post, I went back onto MDE, the AP show for just a second and then disappeared.
Now it shows no AP’s at all.

MY AP disappeared from my account, still waiting on my $400ish. I admit I was pretty sad seeing my AP gone from my account (even though I have no plans to go any time soon).