Annoying Cell Phone use

Does anyone else get annoyed by the people that hold their phones high over their heads to record shows? You scout out a spot before a show, the show starts, and you find yourself watching the show through someone else’s cell phone screen. Just an FYI for these people: There are thousands of people behind you trying to watch the show. You can also youtube these shows and get a way better view than you have from 100 yards away. Take a quick picture if you have to, but please don’t stand there holding your phone over your head for the entire show, it’s hard enough to see around the kids on their Dad’s shoulders.


Oh, no. I love it. It’s my favorite. :wink:

I’d be willing to bet that like 90% of those people will never watch those videos again…or if they do, maybe once…and if more than once, only because it is part of the same recording time period as the videos that have their family in line for Space Mountain or something!

I found myself just as annoyed at Diagon Alley in Universal. The entire pathway is blocked every 10 minutes for about a minute prior to the dragon breathing fire. They are completely oblivious to the fact that anyone else is trying (and failing) to get through, arms over their heads with phones capturing the moment. Thing is, the fire-breathing dragon frankly ain’t that impressive. (IMO, anyhow.)

Put your phones down and, you know…enjoy yourself! :wink:

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Yep, completely agree. The people brandishing iPads are even worse. And don’t even get me started on the ones who use devices to record during dark rides… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I love the dragon!


Don’t get me wrong. It is cool. But it doesn’t move. Just sits there, and once every 10 minutes spits fire for 2 seconds.


Exactly. See the pathway? Completely blocked, particularly where the street narrows.

If they don’t take a video to post to Instagram, then they weren’t there.

Of course, if they video/photograph it in that way, they aren’t there anyhow! (Meaning, they aren’t even in the video/photo.)

But, I do realize there is little point in complaining. It isn’t like people will suddenly realize their actions affect others and change their ways. We humans are rather selfish blokes at times! :slight_smile:

My wife and I were expressing to our kids the “good old days” when you’d go on vacation with a roll of film in your pocket so that you end up with a maximum of like 24 shots for the day and you had to be very selective which photos you would take because you had to pay to develop each and every frame, whether it was good or not.

They seemed unimpressed.


I really don’t get the videos thing. I take lots of photos but I look at them a lot. And people don’t mind being shown photos. If you’re selective! And quick!

But videos will be rubbish compared to what’s on YouTube. And while you’re videoing you’re missing the action. (I feel bad about taking photos of HEA — I should be watching it and they never turn out particularly well.)


My dad actually asked me why I wasn’t taking a video of HalloWishes when we did the California Grill event. I told him because I’d never watch it. I did take plenty of pictures - because those I will put into a photo book. I’ve got one for each year of DS’s life. But I hold my camera up to eye level and never above. Unless there is a shoulder kid in front of me…then I need it to even see what is going on!

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Yes, yes, YES !!! It’s all on Youtube anyway, just enjoy watching it !!!

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yup, another one for the camp of “filming the shows is dumb at WDW.” Someone with waaaay better equipment than you and waaaay more time than you has been able to capture everything already, sometimes compiling several views with multiple angles often better than whatever angle you got, and thrown it up on youtube. People do this stuff for a living (which I’m completely jealous of) and they have done the heavy lifting for you.

Though I will admit to filming my ride on the Haunted Mansion, but that was simply because I was testing out my camera’s low light capabilities.


I’m interested to know how that went. Also, don’t tell @ryan1.


Have you changed your name?

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You think…:wink:

Hmm? What? Sorry, I was too busy putting my fingers in my ears saying, “I’m not listening! I’m not listening!”

Perhaps I was expecting too much to hope to see some animitronic action as well.

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I must take videos and this is what I use.