Anna and Elsa test - return time cards

Did anyone see this about basically no standby for Anna and Elsa? have to get there early to get a return time card. I apologize if someone else posted, still getting used to this new format and being able to find things!

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@kl_clark5 I wonder how it went today. Like KTP said they’ll all still be gone quickly. I think another M&G venue is needed. Thanks for sharing.

I’m curious how the A&E standby worked today… What time are the standby passes gone?

What in wondering is which line do those people that get the paper passes get into? I have a FPP for Anna and Elsa and if everyone that gets a paper pass comes in line, that seems to defeat the purpose of FPP. Anyone know??!

If I’m unable to score a fpp for this (& I doubt I will as it’s a short trip & people have been saying that only last few days of a long trip have fpps available), then I certainly hope this practice remains in place – at least for A&E – for the foreseeable future. While I ordinarily don’t wait for more than 10 minutes for anything thanks to TPs, given the current parameters of this M&G, a max 30-min wait would at least be palatable.

Though I still can’t help but think that the 5hr wait times for A&E was helping siphon people from other lines. :wink:

I’m skeptical of the 30m promised. I’m thinking it’d be more like 45+, and since you have no say in what return time might be it’s a lot to chance. I would still do FPP but this might make an ok backup plan

I was able to get one on my second day of a short trip, albeit later in the evening that I would prefer.

@Iheartepcot, thanks for the info. I’m going end of Sept, a seemingly low-wait time w/2 MK days, but people on chat were reporting the other night that they were already taken. My 60-day mark is tomorrow night… we’ll see. :wink: Thanks again.

wow I must have been sleeping the last couple days this is the first I heard of now you have atime slot for standby and for fp. wonder what that is doing to fp return waits

“In park” report from @Disneymom_of3 that it appeared all paper return time tickets were gone by 11 am. Tickets were available by the carousel.

@bwalker, thanks a lot for this info, very useful to know. 11am. That’s plenty of time for someone who always does RD. ;-D

I saw that @Disneymom_of3 wasn’t over here yet and wanted to pass it along.

Thanks @bwalker75 I was wondering if anyone had on the ground reports on this :smile:

I wonder if you plan on getting to RD if the strategy would be better to skip getting a FP+ so that you could use it on another attraction. I guess that you would have to be open to getting a really time return time. Hmm, something else to ponder.

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My guess is that FP return will still be much faster. But I am considering getting the paper return because our FP return time is so late and limits our ability to get additional FPs that day.

!iheartepcot my thoughts exactly. Tough call when the landscape keeps changing, but an A&E 30-min FP in the middle of the day when everything has long lines might not be a bad thing, especially as it doesn’t affect one’s ability to get other fps. I didn’t realize the extent to which fpps are largely unavailable for these pixies. If not for my DD11… :wink:

Another update from @disneymom_of3. She posted her wait time using the card was approx 35 minutes.


Thanks for the update! Does anyone know how that compares to a FP+ wait time?

I would say 99% of FPP people I’ve seen say under 10min


Saw this too. It kind of confuses me. I guess I realize that not everyone will (or can) take advantage of FPP reservations ahead of time, but it seems like maybe they could just open more FPP times instead of basically doing this oldFP method. IDK. We are not meeting them so it doesn’t affect me either way. Probably safer and better guest satisfaction than having people wait in the hot sun for many hours…