Anna and Elsa test - return time cards

There’s a pretty big difference between 10 min and 35 min. I will probably stick with trying to get a FP+ then. That way I won’t have to rush to pick up a card at RD which is probably for the best as we are not RD people (please don’t judge LOL).

@kellymouse5 sister of my soul!! Also not RD people here. We show up opening-ish… Mostly. NEVER before it opens. :wink:

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As a local who doesn’t get to pick FP 60 days out, I’m looking forward to this. We will actually have a chance to see them on a more regular basis. As it used to be, we couldn’t get a FP as they were all gone once we were only 30 days out.

I sure do wish they would pick something and stick with it!

I guess they don’t want people standing in-line when they could be buying stuff huh? :wink:

I read on another board that they’re doing the same thing with TT and Soarin. Anybody heard this?

So I was not able to get FPP for this and was on at midnight but we are only going for three days. If you have a long trip go to the end of your trip. Now I wonder do I make a dash at RD or go with paper fp return?

isn’t the test over? I heard they went back to traditional line. Why isn’t touring plans showing current wait time in Lines APP?

Does anyone know if the legacy/paper FP “test” is still ongoing?

      Anyone know what the status is for the paper fp tests for A&E at MK? Is is ongoing? Will it be implemented? Is it over?

Also, not that this is definitive evidence or anything, but as a
“look-see” approach, I tried to change my FPPs for Sept 28 and Maelstrom
does not show up as an option. Surely Maelstrom can’t be
completely out of FPPs at this early date? Sept 28 a crowd level 2 day
at Epcot. Which lends at least a modicum of credence to the
“Maelstrom-to-Frozen-Ride” aspect of the story. I then tried to get a
Maelstrom FPP for today & they are still available (it’s noon as I write this) for this evening.

Hmmmmm… not happy about this…

I’m wondering the same thing! And if we do make a mad dash at RD how long have the wait times been? Just wondering if the preRD CP people are getting there early enough to create much of a wait…

I saw on twitter yesterday that this was happening for Soarin - looked like it was a but chaotic yesterday, not seen anything posted today

If you have the ability to make a FP+ reservation do it. They go fast. On the day of, if you can get the paper return ticket, you can always change the original FP+ reservation to a different attraction.