Anna and Elsa FFP and overlapping BBB time

Just some advice needed. I was able to get a FPP for A&E at 3:30 but our BBB appt is at 4:00. It is September on a crowd 1 day. Will I be able to make it?

Most people have reported waits of no more than 15-20 minutes with FP+ for A&E, but it could be pretty tight. I might see if you could bump your BBB back to maybe 4:30 if possible. If not, get to A&E at exactly 3:25pm (FP+ has a 5 minute grace period).

The not so friendly CM said no more BBB for that day. Who knows, everything may change in a month. I guess I will try. Wish me luck.

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If you are late to BBB, be sure and tell the CM at the BBB check in that you had FPP for A&E at 3:30, and tell them your wait length for that. You shouldn't have an issue losing your BBB appointment or anything like that.

Here is a similar thread with answers to the wait time question:

I didn't know how accommodating BBB would be but we would be 10 minutes late at the most. Maybe I will call and ask if she will loose her appt. It is a party night.

Sorry I didn't know I was posting under Disneyland.