Feature Request - allow suggesting more appropriate topic

I suggest a feature whereby we can suggest a post be moved to a more appropriate topic. For example, this one: http://forum.touringplans.com/t/anna-and-elsa-ffp-and-overlapping-bbb-time/2821 was recently posted in Disneyland. It very clearly belongs in Walt Disney World. However, there is not any way to suggest that it be moved to the correct category, which would both keep the categories "cleaner", and help the OP ensure that his/her post is seen by most-likely-to-be-helpful people.


You could copy it to a new "Create Topic" thread. List it under WDW, then Attractions.

The original poster can change the category so maybe just a comment.

Ahhh, I did not realize the OP could change his/her own category. That is very useful indeed. Thank you, @Outer1.

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Yes, there is a pencil icon, like the one for editing your own posts, next to the bolded title at the top that allows the title and category to be changed.