Animal Kingdom or Second day at MK?

Going with my two girls, 9 and 6. Their first time. We’re doing 3 park days. Definitely doing Epcot and MK. Third day, AK or a second day at MK? Don’t want to do HS. They like animals but we live near the Bronx Zoo. Thanks!

Definitely do AK…The animal attractions are just a part of the park…The themed rides are some of the best of WDW. The first time we went to WDW my DS was 9 and DD12. AK was their favorite park (MK was just ok because as Californians, we prefer DL).


No question do 2 days at magic kingdom. so much to see and do 2 days will take the pressure off and allow for seconds on some favorite rides.

While MK definitely takes more than a day to see, AK is also a must see. I always enjoy AK.


Another vote for AK…while I think 2 or ever 3 days at MK is optimal due to everything to do, if you only have 3 days, experience as many of the parks as you can.


Agreeing with everyone else and voting AK. You won’t get everything done in 1 day at MK but AK is maybe my favorite park. It’s beautifully themed. I wouldn’t miss it!


My vote is for a second MK day. Doing all the things you couldn’t do in a single MK day is worth more than an AK day.

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AK is my fav park! I would do it! If PHs isnt an op, chose 1 day at each park vs not seeing 1/2 of WDW. U might miss a few things at Mk by doing a day at AK but if u do 2 days at MK, ull miss all of AK. AK isnt a zoo. Its soooo much more!


Definitely MK. If you live near the Bronx Zoo, AK is kind of redundant. I live near a great zoo (though no where near as nice as yours), and AK was a bit of a letdown for us.

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AK is my favorite park. FoP is the best ride ever. Animal kingdom has great food and shows. It’s very peaceful but fun and exciting. EE is the best roller coaster I’ve ever been on.

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At your kids age, my boys favorite park was AK and FOP wasn’t even open. They are now 14 and 12 and AK is still their favorite park. We did 1 1/2 days at MK and 2 full days at AK and 1 day in each of the other parks.

There is so much variety there. Thrill rides, shows, character meets, tame rides and animals!

Since this is your first visit, I’d definitely do two days at MK. When your kids think of WDW, they think of MK - not AK. It’s all pixie dust & princesses.

Also, are you aware that Epcot is going through major construction / renovations? Most of FutureWorld is a construction zone. You have about 5 rides in the whole park + the World Showcase. As much as I love WS, most kids find is a dull hike.

Have you considered Epcot being the park you skip instead of AK? I love Epcot, but I’m not going back to it until at least 2021.


WDW is all 4 parks. If we had to give up one, it would be HS, even with Toystory and GE. The ride lines are long and the shows are just okay.

My kids were 12 and 14 when they first went to WDW. They loved AK. No Pandora back then. They didn’t consider it a zoo. It was the ambience, the culture, and the shows. Plus they are roller coaster junkies.

They also loved Epcot. They enjoyed WS, with the shows, stores, and food.

We are returning to WDW this December with DD21 and DS19. And they are looking forward to Epcot and AK. We are in California and they feel that DLR is better than MK.


Short answer … there is no right or wrong answer. You will likely have a great time at either park for your third day.

Long answer - Is your 6 year old tall enough for Expedition Everest and Flight of Passage? If not, I would go to MK for the 3rd day. If your 6 year is tall enough for those 2 rides, then I would try to make a 1 day plan for MK and see what attractions you will be missing by only going 1 day. Then, discuss with your daughters those attractions you would miss out on at MK vs the attractions at AK and come to a consensus.


Some of the rides at Epcot aren’t great, but it’s not really fair to say only “about 5 rides”.

SSE (depending on when they are going)
Journey Into Imagination
Living with the Land
Ratatouille (depending on when they are going)
Three Caballeros

Plus there are a lot of character meets. Last trip we did 3 parks and skipped HS. This trip we are doing 3 parks and skipping AK. We prefer Epcot to AK and DHS.

Thank you, everyone! Tough decision.

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Animal Kingdom is my favorite park and I would choose Animal Kingdom.


I agree with this. AK gets so much love here but I feel there are so few rides for young kids. Even beyond FoP and EE which if if tall enough might not be able to ride, Dinosaur and Primeval Whirl hace height restrictions and are rides not many want to ride. Add in Kali that not everyone does because they don’t want to get soaked. That doesn’t leave much.

I would definitely do AK if you had more days but MK is so special for kids that age that I vote 2 days MK.

I’m in he Epcot is great for kids camp. Tons of characters. The Seas pavilion is great. My kids enjoyed WS too - UK maze garden, German trains, seeing pikachu etc. Not sure how it is now with the construction though.

AK for sure!! In fact my next trip I am doing it 2 days and MK only for MNSSHP and Epcot only for the final Illuminations.