Animal Kingdom Lodge - Help please

A few weeks ago I was debating between AKL and POFQ, finally settling on POFQ if DH was able to switch his vacation time and then ASMo if the trip ends up being just DS 13 and I. Well, DH is able to switch his vacation time after all, and he asked what it would take to change over to AKL! As of right now, today, there are still “discounted” rooms available at both the standard view and also the savannah view for our week in June. I know the standard view is cheaper, but I can totally see us choosing to have a more relaxed vacation and enjoying the savannah view. It looks like this trip may also be turning into a retirement celebration for me after 29 years of teaching if all goes well with paperwork, etc. to make the retirement happen this year instead of the end of next school year. Thoughts on standard vs savannah other than the obvious price versus view? Room recommendations? Thanks!

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There are a lot of partial savanna view standard rooms so you could always gamble on them. I think if you know you’ll spend time in the room the savanna view is definitely worth it. It’s so relaxing and definitely leaves an impression. Especially if this is a celebratory trip (congrats btw) I think I’d upgrade.


I know I’ve read that there are partial savannah views that are classified as standard, but that would be a risk. I am definitely leaning towards savannah view. Anyone have specific room suggestions?

Yes! Rooms 3216-3238 (lobby floor) or my favorite 4216-4238 standard view


@PrincipalTinker already did the hard work of checking out the rooms.

You can also look at rooms using View of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo House)

There are lots of places to view the animals around the resort if you don’t get a savannah view.

However, sitting on the balcony with a nice South African wine while you watch the animals is hard to beat.


Yes!! The more I think about it, the more I can totally see myself enjoying a drink on the balcony. DH would totally dig in that, too, and also waking up with coffee on the balcony. I’m an amateur wildlife photographer (in all my spare time-ha!), and DS wants to work with animals when he’s older, so I already booked the savannah view.


My advice would be to request a lower floor. I love being as low as possible to be closer to the animals. Enjoy!


At Jambo are there standard view rooms with Savannah views on the 2nd floor?

I don’t know, but she booked savannah view!

The club level (cash) rooms are on the 4th floor. I would look at at views from the 3rd floor rooms under those rooms.

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From what I can tell according to the map on touring plans, there are savannah view 2 queen bed rooms on the 3rd floor.

Isn’t that what you booked?

You’ll love it. It was amazing. Best resort

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Yes. I didn’t know exactly where the “regular” savannah rooms were until I checked on TP map. Feeling really excited now about this trip!

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It’s a destination resort for sure.

We usually request the more immersive feeling middle floors when we face the savanna, except when we stayed club level.

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When looking at the views from the different rooms last night on TP, my thoughts were to request a room in the “middle” of the hallway if that makes sense. Closer to the lobby is always practical, but I think the better view is a middle floor (floor 3) in the middle of the hallway.

I am so glad you booked Savannah view. I can’t express how wonderful the animals made our trip.

I was in room 5270 (5th floor DVC). The sheer volume of animals was amazing. I would say a lower floor in the same spot would be even more amazing. Downside is you face the Kidani lobby. But that is why there are so many animals.

There are four species in this one picture and a fifth is just off to the left.

Full view. Before the animals woke up. I probably just finished booking some LL.


Having made this decision to stay at AKL, I am now rethinking our whole trip itinerary. DS and I typically hit the parks hard while DH joins us later, but we have done this the past 3 trips. I’m thinking just taking in everything the resort has to offer including the views, animals, pool, and dining, during the mornings and early afternoons and then stacking LL rides for late afternoon and into the evening. We should have 2 deluxe late evenings in EP and MK to take advantage of as well.


This is what we ended up doing, for all the same reason you are considering it. I highly recommend. Just know you are going to be the one on that balcony at 6:50am locking things down. I didn’t mind.

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One of the reasons people say “close to the lobby” in Jambo is that the trick with AKL is you want to be close to feeding areas. The overlook areas off the lobby are feeding areas.