Animal Kingdom Lodge Christmas Tree install dates

Hello, my neighbor received a free stay (!!) at Animal Kingdom Lodge from her employer. Her dream is to wake up one morning to the Christmas decorations having been installed overnight. I was wondering if anyone knew the exact dates that the trees were installed over the past couple of years? I know that they aren’t set dates, so I was hoping to just help her make a best guess for her dates this year. I also think that the tree might take longer than one day? I’ll take any details that could help her pick her dates! Thanks!


Trees do go up overnight.

But the order that the resorts are decorated is chosen by a random draw, so even if we knew the exact date the process starts, we still wouldn’t know when AKL would be done.

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Here’s a thread fairly recently about the resort decorations.

According to this, it starts the first week in November and all resorts are done by Thanksgiving.

Thanks! I was just looking for the historical data to make a best-guess scenario. Sounds like they went up on the Wed before Thanksgiving last year at AKL!

My question would be what is more important to her - seeing the decorations or having them “magically” appear overnight. If it is the former, then I would err on the side of caution and have the stay cover the latest part of the decorating window.

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We were once there at AKL when the tree appeared overnight and it was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. But that was just once, so not to count on.

Thanks everyone! This is definitely helpful to just provide her an estimate!

Also, she kind of wanted to go in early Nov, so I think it will be good for her to know that the chances are really slim (to none) that the tree will be up.

We were at AKL last year Nov. 16-21 and the tree was not up yet.

This is exactly what happened for us, although I think it was Wednesday AM when the tree was magically there.