Christmas Decorations at Resorts

Does anyone know if the Christmas decorations will be in all the resorts by Thanksgiving. We arrive the night before Thanksgiving and I’m trying to keep our time at the parks limited for the first couple of days since it will be so busy. I’m excited to experience all things Christmas at Disney so I thought touring the resorts those first days might be a good way to stay out of the crowds. Anyone know? Thanks!

No, sorry. I’m fairly sure there will still be some resorts not finished by then.

The resorts are decorated from around the middle of November I think, but the order is decided by a random draw. But once a particular resort is started it doesn’t take long, trees appear overnight!

First the Candlelight Processional narrators, now this. Clearly you are out to get me today!!

As far as I am aware resort decoration starts the first week in November and all resorts are usually decorated by Thanksgiving week. Here is a good post from WDW Prep School which agrees with this:


Going 11/11-11/21!

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My bad. I thought some were left until the beginning of December.

All of the decorations should be up by Thanksgiving, but not necessarily sooner. We were there the full week before Thanksgiving week and saw some go up mid-week, but others were still not up by the end of the week. Specifically, the they went up at AKL on Wednesday, but WL was still not done on Thurs, and GF, other than the gingerbread house (still under construction) were not up on Saturday. On a different trip I was there the first weekend in Dec and everything was done at all of the MK deluxes.


We were there starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving, staying at AKL. As I remember, decorations were up, Christmas music was playing in The Mara. We visited the monorail resorts and they seemed to be all decorated including the gingerbread house in GF.

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Oh, and while I thought that the trees in DS were wonderfully decorated, my advice is DO NOT go to DS Black Friday weekend. We did, left after 30 minutes, it was nuts with serious shoppers. Came back a few days later.

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It is a great way to explore the different resorts. The only caveat I would add is that on the days that MVMCP is scheduled, it seemed to us that everyone else was resort hopping too … at least until that party in MK started in the evening. As a result there were a lot of people out looking, even at 2:00 PM in the afternoon. The GF in particular was crowded on the particular day we were there, almost like a shopping mall level crowd. There was a long wait for the monorail too. Still, even with the crowds, it was fun. Its a definite “must do.”

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Of course I was planning to go that Saturday evening!

It was like being in a mall at home for Black Friday sales, but worse.

Bummer. Maybe we’ll do Ft. Wilderness that afternoon/evening instead.