And so it begins again!

With my scholastic endeavors on track to successfully conclude next year, participation in a venture to Disney World seems to be in order…

In other words: IMMA GOIN’ BACK! YUSSSS!!! (sorry, just a tad excited)

But unlike last time, I won’t be heading down alone and instead my mom will be joining me. This raises quite a few new logistical issues that I didn’t deal with last time and thus even more questions. So… sorry in advance as I continually bombard the wealth of knowledge here with questions :wink:

Right now the plan is go next September 1-9, 2018 and rent DVC for Bay Lake Tower Theme Park View (my mom has never had a theme park view, so I figured I would treat her), and act like the vacation is two “solo vacations” that will cross over at times (with a total acceptance if they’ll eventually merge as the trip goes on).

So First question: Given that we’re looking to do the DVC, when should I start getting DVC quotes? I know (or at least, think) it’s 7-11 months prior for the registration times, but should I get quotes before then?

2: What is the deal with the night time parade? It’s been over 6 months now since the MSEP was taken out and still no replacement? Has there been ANY rumors? (Everything I search brings up stuff from 2016…which is not helpful).

3: I could use some tips on how to convince my mom that it’s actually OK to spend money on herself while on the trip. I want her to have a good -scratch that- the BEST time (she’s been through a lot this past year). My mom has been to Disney several times, but each time she’s always goes on a self-imposed shoestring budget, and has denied herself many experiences because she either thought they cost extra and/or couldn’t bring herself to spend the money. She has a significant savings stored up but she refuses to spend it on herself. So any tips on how to coax her to spend money on herself so she’ll have a good time?

As always, thanks for all the help!!


So I can’t help on the first two, but I have a suggestion for the last one because my husband and I are typically shoestring budget people… but we love to travel and we looooove food.

First, obviously talk to Mom and let her know how you feel and what you think she deserves. Also, it is sounds like you have a great relationship with your Mom. So definitely make sure she knows how special this trip can be. Not all mother and daughters become great friends who go on girls’ trips to WDW! You should both make the most of it!

If she’s on board, three suggestions that might help loosen the purse strings in a way that feels safe for her:

  1. set money aside throughout the planning time that is specifically for splurges. This can even be separate from your regular trip budget. For example, we took 50 out of our monthly entertainment budget each month last year to spend on a really nice restaurant we wanted to go to on our last vacation (it was non-Disney). We never would have dropped the otherwise, but since it was saved as splurge money and the vacation was covered by the separate vacation budget we were psychologically fine with it. For some reason when that special experience money is just part of the vacay money, we struggle to spend it - knowing that if we save it, it is a head start on the next savings goal. When it’s separate we are spending it on what it is intended for.

  2. If you are looking to get her to go out to nicer restaurants, maybe do the deluxe dining plan. It may not technically be the better deal when you compare prices (menu to plan), but doing that dining plan commits you to enjoying some of the nicer restaurants that Disney has to offer.

  3. Disney gift cards! My husband and I are going to celebrate my graduation (great minds!), and some family members got me Disney gift cards as grad gifts because they knew if they gave me a check, visa gift card or something similar I would do something practical with it like get clothes for work or buy supplies for my classroom (I’m becoming a teacher). The gift cards ensured that I would spend them on something fun during our trip. Maybe you or other family members could gift your mom some cards, or maybe she could decide how much she wants to spend and then buy some herself, knowing that the decision is made and then not having to feel guilty or nervous about holding on to those purse strings.

Good luck planning! Enjoy!


Thanks, but this won’t be a “girls trip” unless I underwent some SERIOUS surgery :joy: but I get what ya mean.

And those are some great tips. I tried to explain to her that she deserves it but she is hell bent on having that money be a bit of an inheritance for my brother and myself. Event though both of us agreed we would rather see her spend it on herself having a good time instead, but she continues to be reluctant. It’s one of the reasons we’re looking at doing DVC rental, because it was significantly cheaper than theme park room at the Contemporary.

I definitely will look to be utilizing gift cards to help ease her spending anxiety. I also like that dining plan idea, if the money’s “already spent” she’ll HAVE to utilize it otherwise it’ll be wasted and that is probably the only thing she’d hate more!

But overall, I just don’t want her stressing about money when she’s supposed to be having a good time.


Ha! Amazing, and sorry on my part for assuming! I guess it has taken so much convincing to get my husband to go that it’s hard for me to fathom a son voluntarily taking his mom! You win best son award for sure!


How exciting to take a trip with mom!

Not sure how much help I can give you all together, however, I’ll give a few ideas.

  1. I think you can at least get an idea of how many points you’ll need to rent to start putting the cash aside if you look for estimates now. I don’t think anything would be guaranteed as far as cost until the “official” request is made. (I’ve been looking at renting points next June, so I look at the amount as a guesstimate right now).

  2. So the rumor I’ve heard on a couple of Podcasts is that Paint the Night may be coming to MK. No official word of course, and it’s just a rumor. If they could kindly figure that out before August, that’d be great because as you said, it’s been over six months for crying out loud!

  3. If you want mom to spend money on herself but she’ll despise wasting it, put it on a gift card. She won’t be able to keep it, it won’t do her any good not to spend it, and the worst you’ll have to deal with is her initial “I can’t believe you put all that money on a gift card!” when she initially realizes how much is on there. Mwahaha!


Thanks! I did get an idea of how many points I’ll need so I’m all set there. I guess I’m wondering when do I put in the actual requests? Is it pointless to do it over 11 months out?

Paint the Night would be cool, but I also heard it would have to be heavily adjusted to account for the space issues in MK. I’m also wondering if they’re just waiting to see how Pandora/ROL draws people in? Regardless, I agree, it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

As for the gift card she won’t be able to scold me for the amount because it’ll have to be her who puts her money on there, unless I’m buying it, which kinda defeats the purpose. But the gift card thing is definitely a good idea s the money will already be spent so it will behoove her to spend it all.


So excited for your trip! Re: DVC rentals, rental agencies (David’s, DVC Rental Store, others) get points from owners looking to rent theirs out. Owners have the ability to book trips at 11 months out using home resort advantage (so Bay Lake Tower owners can use BLT points at 11 months), while all owners can use their points to book any DVC resort at 7 mos. out (depending on availability). So basically, for more of a guarantee, a broker would need to get BLT points to book between 11 - 7 mos. out. At 7 mos. and less there will be more points available for booking, but BLT itself may not have availability. Does that make sense?

I know some third party brokers charge a dollar or two more per point for booking popular resorts at 11 mos. out, but it may be worth it if you’re looking for a specific resort and view. You may also be able to find a BLT owner willing to rent directly without a broker, but that comes with its own risks. Here’s one of my favorite articles on rentals, including pros & cons:


Awesome, thanks! So… when would you suggest I put in the official request to get BLT park view? ASAP or run the gamble and keep it closer to the 7Month time frame?

I’m an “early bird gets the worm” person - as a DVC owner, I book immediately when my home window opens, and consider myself lucky if I get to try a smaller/more difficult-to-book resort at 7 months. If you have your heart set on something specific, I say try as early as possible, see who you’re comfortable renting from (broker vs. direct), and understand their process.

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hah, exactly what I was hoping to read/hear :slight_smile:

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One way to treat yourselves on the cheap is to get Memory Maker as a shared thing with several others. That reduces your cost to very affordable for unlimited number of photos (and ride photos and videos). It’s a fun way to remember a special trip.


Thank you for that info! I’m looking at renting points next June so it’s helpful. To think I may be requesting a stay before I leave for my August trip is whackadoodle, but then again, as you said, the early bird gets the good reservation.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:

I know! It is definitely insane - that said, DVC owners themselves have a tough time getting non-home resorts at certain times of year. June should be fine (DVC high demand period is usually from September - January). Enjoy the planning!

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grrrrrrreat…:cold_sweat: lol

You’re an early bird! It’ll work out!

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So it looks like there’s such a thing as “too early” heh. I talked to the DVCRentalStore peeps (cause it was free to get a quote from them) back when I started this thread in June and they said “right now, since it’s so early, we don’t have anything locked down to offer.” And advised that I should wait until the 11-month mark. And the woman I talked to offered to put a note in her calendar to reach out to me when we get there (thought that was pretty cool).

So here we are in October (11-month mark) and I didn’t get a notice of any kind, so I sent them an email asking if there was good news. But I got an email saying the agent I was dealing with left and didn’t let me know(OH NO!). So I had to resubmit the info.

So I did.
And I GOT IT!!! Talked with the delightful Michelle Baumgarth who helped me secure the exact reservation I wanted! Bay Lake Tower with a theme park view! (That poor woman…she has no idea how much I’ll be badgering her over the next 11 months. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I’m now toying with the idea to downplay the reservation success to surprise my mom, but at the same time… I’m thinking being in the know will help build the excitement for her trip.

Either way:


Yay! Congrats! Happy planning!

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Just want to say, what a great son you are, congrats on getting the DVC hotel you really wanted for your mom!

And thanks for finding the info re 11 mos ahead , sounds like the way to go.


I probably should add that my darling daughter & I travel together now & then, although she & her husband travel as well.

She has a special way of spoiling me, tho I tell her it’s not necessary. In fact, I love that she does (w/i reason) since I’ve retired, so on a fixed income.

Basically, she talks me into going to gourmet restaurants, and insists on paying the bill. It’s a gentler way, at least to my thinking, rather than just saying ahead- I’ll pay for this or that.

Sometimes, if a longer trip, I’ll spring for an excursion or one or 2 of the meals, but when she picks up the check on a specially expensive dinner, it’s fine with me!

Not a matter of pride or anything with me, just that I want to be fair. Also, like your mom, I am trying to have something to leave behind for my 2 children- which will mostly be the value of the house.

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Congrats on getting your reservation!

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