An Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere

I’m kind of jealous of the late pick up! The latest we can do is like 3pm for a 5pm flight. Otherwise we would arrive home way too late and our kids would be super cranky. West Coast problems.


I’m sad not to have any Boneyard aged kids anymore. It really was so fun in the olden days.


Can you believe it was our first time visiting Boneyard? I don’t know how that happened?!

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This was our first time doing this and it was fabulous! Although DS5 did have a meltdown around 9 at the airport. We were sitting there for 2 hours because bag check and security took 10 minutes :joy:.

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I just started downloading my photopass pictures.

Here are my favorite pics from Wilder’s Cinderella slipper photo session. :two_hearts:


I call this next one, Wilder with Fountains :laughing:


Here are some of my favorite photopass pictures Our favorite mouse :mouse:

Wilder adored 7dmt this year

My favorite tree (and maybe @OBNurseNH ’s fave too? :wink:)

Star Wars!

Hey Groot!

Epic Splash Moutain photo

And then there’s this one… :joy:

And lastly our favorite resort!


That Groot one! It’s awesome!!!


You look like you are on a ride. He looks like he’s having a heart-to-heart. :rofl:



IKR? It is so precious. :two_hearts:


DH’s face on rnrc :rofl:


:joy: He loves to be ridiculous. Also, this was a missing photo and I called a few days ago to have a cm help me locate them. Well, she (cm) and I were having a great conversation as she did her searches. She started busting out laughing and said I found the Rnrc one and it is the best! :rofl:


It truly is!


Just booked our Paris Trip!! We have 278 days before we leave! I may be able to even sneak in a visit to Parc Disneyland. :smirk:


Final (final!) thoughts…

:hotel: Resorts
I loved each of our resorts this year but 3 hotels may be a touch too much for our family. Next time, I think we will ideally stick to 1, max of 2. We have stayed at the Poly before and we still love it. It just puts out such an awesome relaxation vibe. Boardwalk was a lot of fun to stay at- we liked their resort activities and amenities best. Grand Floridian was super luxurious and the oool was a lot of fun. I do see what people mean by it maybe feeling too fancy.

:plate_with_cutlery: Food
We tried a few new-to-us places this trip. We had a lot of fun at Sci Fi and their vegan shakes were chef’s kiss. We also had food and drinks at Trader Sams Grog Grotto and that quickly became a family favorite! Lastly, we tried Ohana breakfast for the first time and it was delicious!

:man_genie: Genie+
…. Is pretty much a hot mess. We did pretty well with it but I think this is my last trip with the hustle and bustle of refresh, refresh, alarms, etc. It just stresses the shit out of me and that’s not ideal for a vacation. Next WDW trip, we will pass on G+. We have been enough that we don’t need to ride everything

:sleeping_bed: Rest Days
This was our first trip where we didn’t go to the park everyday. In fact, we took two days off. I was really nervous about park free days and well, FOMO but it was good for all of us to chill and take it easy on these days. This will be another keeper for our family in the future.

:roller_coaster: Rides
I did notice an uptick on ride downtime this trip and we got stuck on a few rides. We didn’t evacuate on any but there was a close call on EE. We rope dropped twice on the trip and both times we encountered delay openings. I am glad we chose to come to the parks later in the day for the most part.

:alarm_clock: Park Hours
I was happy to see that park hours were almost back to normal. Staying in MK until 1 was glorious. I hope by the time we go back we can have longer days at the parks because nighttime touring is where it’s at!

Lastly, I want to thank all of the liners and this forum (this sounds a bit like an acceptance speech :joy:) for the support and help in planning our trip. We didn’t have any meets this time but you were all there with me in spirit. Thanks for being such great humans and hanging with me virtually on our trip!

Sunshiney_Disney_Momma and family :two_hearts:




Where did you get the Groot one?
And where is Mickey dressed up like Elton John?


Groot is right next to Cosmic Rewind. There is a photopass photographer next to the starship.

Town hall theater at MK


yay thank you!